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Let me start first, this is my first baby birth story ~

2012/12/27 :

Yesterday after lunch found some spotting on my panties, I thought it was related to the cervix exam done on Monday. After dinner around 8pm I started to experienced some serious soreness on my right tailbone and I thought it was just due to lack of movements ( have tried less walking after heard doctor said baby head engaged ) … Husband was overtime so I was home alone, I just rest on the bed and tried to sleep, but once a while I can feel extremely painful on my right hip bone and pressure at my vagina … I didn’t have pains at my stomach so I didn’t link these symptoms to contraction till the interval getting shorter and shorter .. There’s a frequency and pain duration always last for 1 min . I started to google about labour contraction … I found this link and realised that I might having contraction, I started to monitor using the iPhone apps … The interval was around 17mins and pain last more than a minute.

Around 1030pm my husband called me and told me that he just went off, I didn’t tell him as I still not confirm .. 11pm he back and we started to track the interval, it getting closer to 10mins interval .. We started to pack our hospital bag, he cooked some herbal soup while I went shower . We also called our Gynae and he said we can go hospital already .. We reached mount A around 1am, my pains started to get more and more frequent and the level of pains also getting more stronger .. The nurse checked and said the dilate already 3cm, so it wasn’t false alarm ..

Initially we still scared that it’ll be false alarm. Now has confirmed and the nurse said baby shall deliver today (27th) but not sure how long coz need 10cm dilate . Nurse injected some medicine for passing motion but I was too painful and didn’t have much to pass.. I started to get painful n more painful, nurse gave me the laughing gas but can’t help much and I started to request for epidural .. They let us read a agreement , seems have some side effect but I was so painful and interval was less than 5 mins … And nurse checked again I already dilated 5cm. I didn’t want to suffer and signed the agreement form. Finally around 330am the Anaesthetists come and helped me to inject the epidural but she saw me too painful, so she double the medicine and it took around 15 mins for medicine to get effect. After that , I really can’t feel the pains … Didn’t have feeling at my lower body included my legs. I just feel too tired and fall asleep, my husband also slept .. Once a while the nurse will come and see how many cm I have dilated .. Already 8cm. I also can hear next door got lady screaming few times then have baby crying noise, I guess she just delivered.

Finally it was 8am in the morning, already dilate 9cm … In between, there are some top up of epidural .. Doctor come around 930am and mine already dilated 10cm, he just burst the water bag and told my husband to see the baby hair .. Within 5 mins, about 2 rounds of push, our baby girl was out … Finally.

My husband was excited and kept taking photos while I was already too tired ..

More pictures are here.