She went for rebonding at Jurong West salon, ends up suffering scalp damage and becoming partially bald

This is going to be a super long post and it took me long before deciding to post this unfortunate incident.

On 26 November 2020, I visited K A HAIR SALON located at Blk 498 Jurong West Street 41 #01-428. It was my 3rd visit in 2020 and I checked in with the lady boss if she is free for rebonding and color, and we agreed to proceed with a price. And I did not knew this would become the worst nightmare in my life.

The procedure started with the 1st chemical application (softening) that was applied from scalp to hair and was left on my hair for almost 1 hr. There was itch and some burning sensation but i didn't think too much of it. Yes i regretted. Why did I trust that it should be fine, the professional knows best. What came next was she had a shock when she finally brought me to the basin, and kept asking if I did breach my hair previously? And i repeatedly told her of cos not and the whole of 2020, she had been the one dying my hair. Remember i said it was my 3rd visit, previous 2 session was colouring.

She went on and tried her best to soak my hair with some chemical which I'm not sure of. She panic a big time when my hair were coming off bunch by bunch as she combed and it was so exploded. That moment I knew my hair was gone, i cant escape the fact that I'll have to snip it short. I was still cool at this time but the next thing i realised was, A FREAKING BIG HOLE ON TOP OF MY HEAD.. I stop her immediately and we were all shocked. She started saying she did not noticed if there was a big hole before the treatment so she ain't sure if it was because of the chemical. I can't accept it. I told her the hole was so huge and if it was there previously, she could have saw it during application of chemical.

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