Shoes suitable for a 1 year old baby?

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  1. babysg

    babysg Member

    Hi..i intend to get my son a pair of shoes for his 1st birthday..any good ones to recommend? He is 10 months to stand with support but still cant walk...
  2. AugBoyz

    AugBoyz Member

    get any shoes tt are soft soles. can try shoo shoo shoes sold in mothercare. get those that are soft so tt it does not hinder their feet placement or growth.
  3. yeye

    yeye Member

  4. Yukee

    Yukee Member

    I bought Combi for my gal when she is learning walking...i also bought a Bubblegum shoes from Bata, cos it has arch (i 4get the spelling) support...but both shoes sole are not soft, but she is ok lor...
  5. AugBoyz

    AugBoyz Member

    well soft soles are good coz when bb are learning to walk, they must feel the ground so they can place their feet properly. Best is to let them walk around barefooted :tlaugh:
  6. sophia

    sophia New Member

    I bought a crib shoe for my girl fm OshKosh.
    She started to walk on 14mths, I love this shoe is very soft and comfy for pre-walker.
  7. elfsg

    elfsg Member

    i bought the soft leather type shoe (like shoo shoo brand) for her to wear till she is 15 months where she is more stable in her walking. I bought her shoes from colette (if i spell correct)
  8. Mrs Xie

    Mrs Xie Member

    My mom used to tell me that try not to give bb shoes with soles before they can really stand up and walk, cos it might harm their foot, no matter it's truth or myth, I will choose to believe lah, since mom has more experience in babycare. Therefore I will give my gal socks only currently.
  9. Joylucas

    Joylucas Member

    I let my ds wear either fabric soft shoes from mothercare or juz bb socks.

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