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    Hi Mummys

    As some of you would already know, ShopBack is a site which rewards you with COLD HARD CASH  when you shop, with up to 30% Cashback over a very wide selection of shops!!!  (Cash gets withdrawn via bank transfer or Paypal straight into your bank account -- No fuss at all) Too good not to share!!

    This basically means you practically get 'sale' all year long, and do note this applies for sale items as well, not your usual 'not applicable to sale item' nonsense. They've just on boarded Mothercare which means cashback for Baby clothes,Prams, and all baby neccesities! They also have Honestbee so I do all my online groceries with Cashback plus Sephora, Taobao, Lazada, Expedia, Net-a-porter and 500+ more stores!!!

    I thought it might be a scam but it is so legit, I've saved almost $200 Cashback already!!
     They give you $5 if you sign up here to get started (plus they're giving the chance to win designer glasses if you snig up with this link)! -

    TAKE. ALL. MY. MONEY!!!! Oh wait..I already get 30% off :)
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