should I give fm?

Hi mummies

I just delivered my baby two days ago and as my milk has not come in, I chosed enfalac for him while I latch him occasionally to stimulate milk flow. Till now there is no colostrum yet.

The lactation consultant said baby had enough supplies for first three days and should not give him formula. However I see him cry so pitifully my hubby and I can't bear it as he seems hungry so we allowed him formula. Pls advise what should I do? I still worry cos my colostrum have not come and think I didbt latch him enough. The problem is overtime I try to latch him, he would suckle a while then fall asleep. Other times he suckle a while then lost it cos I Dont have milk hence he reject my nipple or he's too comfort to formula?

I would want to bf him totally. Please help! :(


Just let ur baby latch. Otherwise, ur supply won't come in. Its true that babies can go on without milk for a few days. Once u give FM, ur baby will be full and it will be harder for him to latch. Babies are smart. Why would they work hard (latching) when the flow from bottle is faster. Have u tried squeezing ur nipple hard? NB babies' intake is small. Even if u see a few drops coming out, it's ok and enough for them as colostrum is so rich in nutrients. A few drops can make ur baby full.


Lots of cuddles. skin to skin if you can, so strip baby down to nappy and go topless yourself. This will help the hormones in your body produce milk as well as calm baby down :)
continue to latch , even if no milk yet, baby like to suckle , more suckling may promote milk. u need patience and alot of rest.


Just cont to latch. My boy on the 3rd day really bo Bian. Have 1 time fm. Now okay alrdy. But still feel super guilty to give fm. If really no choice then supplement ba. If not they will keep crying ...
So while I continue to latch, is it ok to give formula? Otherwise he is hungry and can't bear to see him like that.

Which position would u mummies recommend? At the hospital now, I'm using football hold and cross cradle. But as I also have my csect wound, cannot have big movements switching from one side to another.
personally , i only ask nurse to feed fm during night and for day keep latching. newborn whether jaundice or non jaundice , they will feel sleepy and sleep alot.

if your wound is healing well and not in pain, cradle hold will be easier to feed. use pillow to support if you latch on for long hours

actually not a big issue feeding fm, just relax. really very individual:) ya i agree some baby got extra to store for days, but who know there is also some who are big eater and really cry for food:)
Thanks mummies! I have colostrum le! But I do admit I'm stress cos I think I cannot hold my baby well... esp the head.. always worried will hurt him. Haha
then i think cradle hold better for u, just bring him to yr breast and carry him securely. if u are still not sure, call for LC to help u:)

happy breastfeeding, remember must not be too stress and rest well. drink lots of liquid during confinement.

Latch as long as you can . After my c-sec I latch then next 2 hour. I fully latch my girl when she born till now. In hospital I latch an hour before I call nurse to bring back nusery . The more you latch the more come fast.. Now I had just nice milk for my girl as she mayb latch for plus minus 50 ml like tat . Am trying to boost more supply now..

So mummy there don't give up.. Conti latch as long as you can.. Sometime they latch till tired n fall asleep do wake them up n latch till they don't wan..

Jia you !!!
cherry blossom,

in such case, try to latch on as much as possible and leave fm as last option. baby sucking from breast help to boost supply. and if u tend to feed thrg bottle, some babies will get nipple confusion. although some wont. but try to minimize the chances.

the flow from breast and bottle are very different also.


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since you have already started to give FM, its difficult to stop cuz yr baby will not wan to drink. I am on TBF so my son is not drinking till my colostrum came. like all mummies said, latch on fully so that yr milk will come faster.
Just to share my personal experience, for both my kids i supplement with fm for the first month, i latched them as much as i can but when i nap(once a day) i give fm so he sleeps about 3hrs and i can rest. Then night time i sleep at 11 till morning 6am so night feed i use fm and hubby feeds my babies so i get enough rest.

Im lucky my hubby is very helpful, understanding and supportive of me, he knows that after giving birth i need to rest so i can recupperate and it affects the bm too, as not enough rest could lead to exhaustion and depression which affect the milk supply.

After confinement month is over i bf my kids fully and happily. My son total bf for 1year and partial for another 6mth as i was pregnant with my girl when he turns 1, my gynae against tandem bf as i had lots of contraction. Im still bf my girl fully now at 16mth.


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Need to massage also ....I did massage n got colostrum for my Bb :)
My husband bring the breast pump when I was in hospital n I suppose want me to stimulate :)
We gave goat milk for Bob before the milk comes
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Is goat milk better than normal FM? Where to get? My baby had growth spurt n demanding more milk I scare my BM not enough