should I give fm?

Just to share my personal experience, for both my kids i supplement with fm for the first month, i latched them as much as i can but when i nap(once a day) i give fm so he sleeps about 3hrs and i can rest. Then night time i sleep at 11 till morning 6am so night feed i use fm and hubby feeds my babies so i get enough rest.

Im lucky my hubby is very helpful, understanding and supportive of me, he knows that after giving birth i need to rest so i can recupperate and it affects the bm too, as not enough rest could lead to exhaustion and depression which affect the milk supply.

After confinement month is over i bf my kids fully and happily. My son total bf for 1year and partial for another 6mth as i was pregnant with my girl when he turns 1, my gynae against tandem bf as i had lots of contraction. Im still bf my girl fully now at 16mth.
won't your milk supply fall? because i did that too as I was tired and my supply fell. now i am trying so hard to bring the supply back but seems to be failing as my baby refuses to latch

[h=2]Re: should I give fm?[/h]Continue to latch , even if there's no milk get out, baby like to suckle , more suckling may promote milk.
You need to be patience by waiting :0


Keep latching dear!

I have low supply and now baby is 5 weeks being supplemented with formula but I keep latching + pumping and my supply is slowly increasing ..

Don't stress, even though it's hard to really not be stressed, but it will help you. Lots of fluids also :)
[h=2]Re: should I give fm?[/h]Keep latching, and latching. If your really like to make breastfeed your baby don't be stressed, just try try your very best.