Should I send my kid to My First Skool?


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Hi mummies,

I'm new here. Nice to meet you! Thinking if I should send my kid to my first skool..i know there was this recent incident that happened but I heard from my other friends that they take care of many kids and fees are below market average leh. Seemed quite positive. Should I go for it?

Thanks :)


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I feel that the cheapest is still PCF but if My First Skool is nearer to yr hse than its better. not all teachers are like that 1 we saw in the video.


At least recent issues shows that there is accountability in My First Skool, as the CCTV acts as a neutral witness to the activities in the centre. I cannot imagine if it happens on other centres without a CCTV, with no evidence to even prove the child is injure in the centre it'll be a never-ending dispute.

I hope this helps you in your decision.