show me your home


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I just got a new house in SG, i'm looking for inspiration how to deal with interior design and fashion. I would like to compere dakota panels made by ecodesignwood and some minimal furniture and a lot of plants.
How Your home looke like? Can you give me some advice? Blogs with interior design or someting ?


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I recently finished building my new house. You should know how much nerve and effort it took me. I could not even imagine how difficult it would be to choose the area of the house, planning, the number of rooms, and so on. But after you have selected the project will need to finalize it for yourself your project, so that you are more convenient and comfortable. At first, I ran into a little-known company, which almost ruined my house. They did not agree with me on some changes, and therefore I stopped cooperating with them. I was lucky that my neighbor introduced me to projects, where I immediately felt the difference between ordinary specialists and honest professionals.