Sibutramin 10 or 15 mg?Which one is better?

Discussion in 'Slimming, Health and Body' started by Alisonsexy, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Alisonsexy

    Alisonsexy New Member

    Hello to all of this forum.I am new on this forum and i would like to know your opinions .i have problems how can i lose weight .I went on the internet and i searched the pharmacies who have medicines to weight loss....I read so many positive reviews about Reductil and i have decided to make a purchase on this pharmacy.I want to do a test with such as Reductil,but i don't know which is the best-to 10 or 15 mg. ..I hope to find people here that has already tried this drug and it can advise me something.Thank you very much.Is a very important for me.Kisses!!
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  2. rachel5li

    rachel5li Member

    I can just confirm Reductil is a great help for those who wish to lose more kgs and works very well by suppressing the appetite. 10mg pills are for beginner, 15mg are stronger.
    I got genuine Reductil pills on and can recommend it as these guys are really professional and ship to SG without any problems.
  3. lily890

    lily890 Member

    I totally agree with you rachel

    this online pharmacy is very popular and reliable. and they do sell high-quality products.

    I used to buy acomplia on this site which is also a good appetite suppressant and I'm totally satisfied with both their service and the pills efficacy!

    take care everyone!
  4. Karmen

    Karmen New Member

    Reductil on !!!

    Dear Alisonsexy,
    a great topic! :wong29:
    Reductil generic continues to be the No.1 Weight Loss Pill. I personally tried both dosages of Reductil. Of course, better results I achieved with Reductil 15 mg. I lost 8 kg in 2 months. Then I decided to switch to generic Reductil 10 mg, it's cheaper and you can maintain the same results.
    Hope to lose 3 more kg till the New year. Will see...
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  5. simone003

    simone003 Member

    Hi there

    so many links and online pharmacies around here....

    I'd advise you all to buy Reductil 10 or 15 mg from the main Reductil Supplier to SG that is

    This company is the most reliable, the biggest Reductil supplier in EU and SG. They are safe and reputable and guarantee delivery. Just google a bit about it and you'll find out it's the only source you can really trust.

    Good luck everyone.
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  6. BetterLife27

    BetterLife27 New Member

    You can safely buy Reductil generic in the needed dosage from the worldwide supplier of such pills and other health products . I've made my purchases here too and remained satisfied of the pills quality, delivery terms, and I even feel I'm not so heavy now.
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  7. ritajune

    ritajune Member

    After a lot of research I decided to order Reductil on as it really seems safer.
    I was advised to begin with 10mg dosage so I ordered a month supply of 10mg pills.
    Was promised to get my pills before Christmas so I will soon update to share my experience.
    Besides they added to my order 10 free pills as a Christmas gift :)
    I'm so excited to begin the treatment and fingers crossed to get good results too :)
  8. Ceylarmoon

    Ceylarmoon New Member

    hmmm, interesting,:weyes: on, from where I've ordered my weight loss pills- they have the same Christmas offer- I received 10 free bonus pills. I love Holidays so much
    People, slim down happily and with presents!!!

  9. SpamCop

    SpamCop New Member


    2 posts in total, one advertising Phentermine and the other promoting Reductil

  10. silly1812

    silly1812 Member

    Hi ritajune!

    Could you kindly share your experiences with Reductil so far? Any side effects etc? Thanks a bunch! :)
  11. Rosieflower

    Rosieflower New Member

    I used Reductil 10 mg 2 years ago, before I got pregnant. I didn't have to lose too many kg (5), that's why I didn't try reductil 15 mg, although I've heard that people lose even more weight with it. My latest experience was with phentermine 37.5mg. I used it after stopping nursing my baby-boy.

    From the many places where I've read I understood that both Reductil and phentermine work similarly: suppress appetite and aid in weight loss.
    So, returning to this topic's question, I think that both dosages of Reductil are Ok. People that need to lose weight just have to start with 10 mg dose and then pass to 15 mg for more visible results.
  12. ritajune

    ritajune Member

    Hi! I'm on Reductil for about 2 months. I took 10mg for 40 days and then switched to 15mg I lost in total 9.5 kg and I'm happy with this. I do have some side effects but they are pretty mild. I'm always thirsty, have some sleeping problems and moods swings. But I'm happy I'm losing my weight and I continue :)
  13. jiapoh

    jiapoh Member

    i am also on diet pills for more than 2 month and I love it. i like they give me lots of energy so i am able to exercise and be active during the day.
    i have cut my calorie intake down a little but have not given up anything i want to eat. my rule is if you want it, eat it. i just fix my plate with a much smaller portion :)
    even if not always safe diet pills is a real help for most of us!

  14. silly1812

    silly1812 Member

    Wow, that is considered quite a lot! Do you mind telling me how much did you lose when you took 10mg during the first 40 days?
  15. silly1812

    silly1812 Member

    Hi Rosieflower, how was your experience & result after taking Phentermine 375? And how long did it took for you to lose those weight? I have also stop breastfeeding my baby and now looking forward to lose those extra weight (and inches)!
  16. starnight

    starnight New Member

    I am on my 2nd day of Reductil 10 mg (Trimex) which I ordered from
    Fingers crossed won't have any bad side effects. Appetite really went down alot but I will still feel hungry during meal time but after eating a few bites, felt full and stop.
    Hope I can lose 10kg in 2 months as I only ordered 2 months supply...
  17. starnight

    starnight New Member

    Hi all, how fast did you slim down while on 10mg reductil? Have been on it for 1 week and think probably dropping only 1kg or none but I did eat much lesser but still eat every3 meals...
  18. ritajune

    ritajune Member

    Hi. I lost 5kg the first 40 days with reductil 10mg, then another 7.5kg in 35 days with reductil 15mg. The side effects have subsided and feel much better now, so I still continue :)
  19. Rosieflower

    Rosieflower New Member

    Hi, silly1812, sorry for the delay in answering to you. but having a baby you know how busy you can be :)

    So my story with phentermine is as follows: I took phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg when my son was 9 months old and I stopped breastfeeding. I got good results- lost- 11 kg in 3 months. I did exercise and eat correctly while i was taking the pills. that's why my weight did not not come back. (NO yo-yo effect)

    But, dear mothers and anyone that wants to lose weight, if you dont't work out and eat right afterwards you will gain all the kg back !!!

    So, I've learned to control my cravings and desire to eat big portions. Especially when we want to lose post-pregnancy weight we should take care what we eat.
    Unfortunately, from the supplier where I bought my phentermine pills, the pills are out of stock. But I wanted to buy some pills for one of my cousin who has the same story as mine. But the site's operators told me that they will have a new stock coming in a few days, so lucky my cousin will be.
    Now after being on the pills for 3 months I try to take walks with my 11th months old boy very often, exercise a bit when he sleeps, and eat more veggies as it is now spring and it's quite easier and safer with these.

    Good luck to everybody on a weight loss plan and happy&sunny weekend to everybody!!!
  20. Ceylarmoon

    Ceylarmoon New Member

    Strange to hear that you did not have any side effect while on Reductil, hoonchua :). With every medication people take they have at least 1 side effect. Unfortunately, so are created the majority of the drugs at present.
    For example, I firstly took Reductil 2 years ago. I saw many other uses on this forum named the same website where I bought mine. So, this place inspires reliability... who knows maybe for somebody it wasn't such a pleasant experience.

    Usually all the people using sibutramine are thirsty at least the first weeks while on this drug. I've read many users opinion on different forums and they mentioned "the increased desire to drink water " :) When I first took reductil I was extremely thirsty and sometimes had no desire doing anything. but my goal was not to use pills for long time. So, after I lost the first 6-8 kg with Reductil, I started doing more exercises for a flat tummy. Then I got pregnant and for 1 year I was not concerned about my weight problem. Now, I got over a little depression and have to lose 12 more kg. I decided to take reductil for 3 more months as I know how my body reacts to sibutramine.
    Till the beginning of June I hope to be again a healthy 56 kg not more... will see.

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