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  1. cecillia

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    Hi there,

    I'm a new mummy and I'd like to hear any experiences you have with Reductil called YEDUC SIBUTRAMINA
    Is this something new on market?.

    I'm just dying to lose some weight and bought a bottle of Yeduc Sibutramina 15mg online
    The capsules are yellow and blue. Hope they are real stuff.

    Any experiences ladies?
  2. anee

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    Everyone knows since original Reductil is not produced anymore, there are a variety of generic copies called YEDUC, SIBUTRIL, MERIDIA, ECTIVIA etc.
    ALL of these copies have same active ingredient that is SIBUTRAMINE. And it's actually the sibutramina that suppresses our appetite.

    So Yeduc is not new on the market. I'm using now Ectivia 15 mg. On the blister it's also written Sibutramine. It's the key ingredient. It helps me lose 5kg per month.

    Did you stat your pills, let us know how are they on you?


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