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  2. sher_von

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    it depends eh..range abt 1800-2300.
  3. PTB7476

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    then still not so bad... better than engaging some malaysian lady who charge >$2000 and can last min MIA least this is a company ...they can easily find a replacement for you
  4. PTB7476

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    Just got a quote from the agency

    The charges for a Malaysian confinement nanny staying in with you (24hours) for
    28days is $1930.00 for single baby, that inclusive of the agency's fee. (Additional $100 for
    2 or 3 storey house)
    Levy to Ministry of Manpower for Malaysian nanny will be $168.00 for 28days,
    to be paid separately to Ministry Of Manpower, to be borne by parents.
    There will be a traditional practice of two red packets to be given to the
    confinement nanny.

    Nanny duties are :
    1. Nanny will take care of baby day & night, that includes bathing the baby,
    feeding, coaxing baby to sleep.
    2. She will cook confinement food for wife, prepare herbal soup to nourish,
    strengthen & speed the recovery after birth.
    3. Nanny will prepare the bathing herbs.
    4. Nanny will wash wife & baby's clothing.
    If you do not have a maid,
    5. Nanny will cook husband's dinner, do laundry, sweep and mob the
    floor twice a week..
    6. Do marketing twice a week.
    Additional duty other than abovementioned if needed, will have additional costs.

    The deposit will be $580.00 for 28days upon signing of contract
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  5. glam-mummy

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    I've asked them for a quote before... There is a standard amount for us to give the nanny. 1st red packet is $30. Going back red packet is $70.

    I didn't really like the way their staff speaks. I feel that they are not really very service orientated neither are they sincere about doing business with you kind of attitude. Plus their charges are more expensive if you are comparing agency to agency..
  6. PTB7476

    PTB7476 Well-Known Member

    is there other agency ??
  7. lilyliow22

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    I am ok with their service. My CL Hong Eng attitude is good, soft spoken, gave us advice and let us decide what we want. At times I am stubborn only to find out later that CL advice was right. :)

    And one thing I am quite impressed is that they visit me when nanny was still at my home, asking my feedback how I feel about nanny? Her handling baby, hygiene, confinement food, attitude.
    I can see they really concern about their nanny's service.
  8. rainbow1234

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    I use PEM , i pay around 3.3K exclude the levy . I think levy 170 or so .
    But this is the price during CNY . You can call up and query on normal rate.

    No fix amount for angpow .

    Most important is not the agency but pure luck with the CL .
    Some CL is good , some are no good . So all boils down to luck if you get a good or bad one .
  9. stressfulbee

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    BTW I always heard complain from my friend that they had enganged experience confinement lady to their house (some even recommend by the mummy in this forum) to do confinment for them.
    From the begining the CF auntie is ok but after engang for ard 2week, found out the CF auntie is lazy, not really know how to cook different CF foods, not really knows how to cook tonic soup, not really know how to take care of baby....:-(
    (some even give excuse to go back M'sia to chop passport & never come back).. But we still cannot ask them to go & still need to endure till 28days..
    That why I been helping my friend to ask ard for CF autie who willing to work short terms...(at least if she not good we can dont continue her after 2 week later)

    Finally let me found a more than 10yrs experience S'porean non stay CF lady who offer 2week frd had try her service & found out her cooking is very nice & delicious. My frd say she finish every meal she cook & not even 1 single rice left...(especially her "ZHU JIAO CHU"....hahaha

    Any mummy want her contact for trying her service call hp:98476976...
  10. PTB7476

    PTB7476 Well-Known Member

    am still thinking to engage the CL through PEM or GPLS ...headache...
  11. hpc

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    If u want a s'pore CL who don't stay-in I got one .Are u interested?
  12. PTB7476

    PTB7476 Well-Known Member

    Hi HPC, you have given me the contact but both my mom and hubby preferred a stay in CL cos they worry i cannot handle the baby and rest during the 1st mom
  13. Little BB

    Little BB New Member

    Hi hpc,

    I'm still thinking whether to engage a day CL as my in-law prefer CL who don't stay-in. How is your day CL like and how much does she charge? When did you engage her?
  14. hpc

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    Hi this CL is a friend of mine.Her charges is S$2000 neg.About 7yrs of experience.I'm a baby-sitter in the east.There is another full-time CL recommend by mum who speaks well about her.
  15. evie

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    hi there :)

    I am looking for a confinement lady who can look after my baby, cook and help out with some chores.

    My EDD is ard mid march 2011. My mum in law has other young grandchildren to care for and my mom is working , so I need help from a confinement lady....
    Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!:Dancing_wub:

    Note: I have two dogs at home.
  16. Adrian Ang

    Adrian Ang Alpha Male

    Good day to all,

    I'm recommending my aunty, MeiMei from Malaysia
    - More than 20 years experience
    - Patient with babies
    - Able to stay up at night to take care of babies
    - Cook delicious food
    - Pleasant character
    - Fantastic reviews from previous employers

    If interested, please call Adrian @ 91117357, or my aunty, Meimei @ 0207-6969406 (Chinese speaking)
  17. Serena

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    I thought i share this ...

    I just finished my confiment and had a very good confirment lady (Aunty Yue Fen).

    I even extended her for 2 more weeks.

    This is my second child, my first child i engaged a CFL as well but it was a terrible experience. Hence, this time i was also skeptical when i was recommended to this CF aunty.

    So i was extremely glad that i had this aunty this time round.

    She has many years of experience, very patient and loving with my daughter. First few days she is with me, she takes the time to observe my daughter to see how she can best take care of her, and she learns very fast. She cooks very yummy food (my first confirment i had horrible food and i didnt know confirment food can actually taste nice ...) and most important my family all like her very much and she is hygenic!

    She has a very pleasent character, very helpful and responsible. when looking after baby, she doesnt on her hp or pick her hp so that she wont be distracted.

    If any one is interested you can contact her at 65 8375 6048 (SG) or her house at 0207-6522606 (MSA). (but as i say if she is looking after baby her hp might be off or she doesnt pick up, so you might want to leave a message instead so that she can revert)

  18. Bon Pon

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    Hi all,
    anybody know CL from Malaysia whom can speak english?

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