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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by lawla12, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    did u all watch the charity show @ chnl 8??

    Mark Lee went there to see the sinseh there after trying for 8years but no luck...his wife see the sinseh for less than a year, she strike liaooo...

    another case the woman had miscarriage twice within a year, oso went Tong Ji...she see the sinseh for 5mths, she strike twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i called them up...its walk in registration....they open at 8.30am, but registration starts 7.30am....the person told me usually there's A LONG LONG its better to come early.....

    i asked the person if its free (cos this TCM, gif free med, consultation etc)...he said yes, usually the patients will gif a small donation for their services......i asked again izzi the same for fernity related issue, he said yes (i really duno real or not cos he dun speak english, i mix mix abit of chinese n english...i duno how to say fernity in chinese...LOL~)....

    this is their website yaaa

    Welcome to Thong Chai Medical Institution

    any1 here is currently seeing tis TCM??? can gif any advise???
  2. missixty

    missixty Member

    i went there before, but that was like 4 years ago. one of my girlfriend also managed to strike BB after seeing one of the sinseh there. so she recommend me to see that sinseh (which i cannot remember her name). Went and seen her twice only. she has SUPER, SUPER many patients, always need to wait very long like 1/2 day and also because it's FREE, so the queue is NEVER short.

    she also never explained to me much, just like briefly explain only. and also the medicine that the sinseh prescribe are all in natural form of chinese herbs, meaning to say, you will have to brew it yourself at home. Those like "3 bowls of water cook till 1 bowl" type. so i find quite time-consuming thus never see her after 2 visits.
  3. Daddy D

    Daddy D Alpha Male

    No harm trying... anyway it's free... provided u can tahan the Q...
    My mum also hint hint yst... say this Tong Ji how good how good...
    We let nature takes its own course bahhh... no time to go there Q also...
  4. Daddy D

    Daddy D Alpha Male

    Channel NewsAsia - Thong Chai Charity Night raised S#dollar;7.23m, not S#dollar;8.67m as announced -

    "SINGAPORE : The amount raised at the end of the Thong Chai Charity Night telecast should be S$7.23 million and not S$8.67 million as announced.

    The discrepancy, shown at the end of the telecast on Channel 8 on Sunday night, was due to a technical error. ....

    On Monday, some 1,000 people turned up to seek treatment, sharply higher than the usual 600.

    Thong Chai had to stop registration at noon, but took down the contact numbers of those who were turned away for another appointment."

    Wrong amount?? Or $$ pay to the MediaCorp/artistes/stars?
    1000 people in a day??? Need to Q how long???
  5. icejelly2010

    icejelly2010 Member

    today i just realised that the lady that strike twins was my ex colleague wife, by the way i did not watch the charity show , i only heard from my colleague today during lunch.
    Ya, i heard that my ex colleague wife got some complication also, and then miscarriage , then tried for 5 months then got a twin baby girl that was 4-5 years ago le..

    May be you gals can go and try ?

    I am going to try on Chung Hwa TCM , since near my house and they do take down appointment and have night consultation , by the way they only have night consultation for infertility .

    Lawla, fertility in chinese is sheng1 yu4 生育 :)

    Anyone can share if you happen to consult the doctor in Tong Ji ?
  6. 26JMC

    26JMC Member

    no wonder i saw mark lee's wife at gleneagle hospital late last year. i did suspect she is either going for baby planning or pregnant now. lol.
    didnt know that they also went for TCM too.
    thought of trying this Tong Ji out since its near to my house.
  7. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member you going too??? i should b going tis fri yaaa...happen to b clear least urs is near your can go home n rest 1st...but its quite far away from my i've to stay there throughout the waiting time...

    1000 patients...wait 1/2 a day.....i wanna faintz liaooo.....sit until butt flat flat againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:001_07::001_07::001_07::001_07::001_07::001_07:
  8. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    lala ai ai!!! i agree with Daddy D, no harm trying worr.. mayb u can take a day leave and try? den tell the sinseh if can go bk once a mth anot instead of weekly/fortnightly?? skali u strike triplets:tlaugh:
  9. icejelly2010

    icejelly2010 Member

    Lawla, good luck for you !! hope thong chai can help you ,i knew that you have been to a few TCM already. I will go Chung Hwa and try first.. they also have the infertility department. see how ba..
    Good things never come freely and easy , so sure got to wait one.. :)

    Good Luck gals!
  10. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    ya lohhh...esp when colourful tiger say the patients shoot up to 1k after the charity show......

    i'm sure for the fernity dept, the patients will oso increase.....

    WhWoHWAHWaohaoahOWHaowhaoa...JIA YOU JIA YOU~


  11. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    I think when you saw her, it's her postnatal check up. Cos their girl is 1yo already I think.

    Mark Lee is a very doting hb. He's the first man I've seen that willingly follow the wife shopping without complain or black face. Will even help her select clothes, wait for her outside fitting room and help her get the right size if promoter is busy. & they are still so loving after so many years of marriage. When they go movies, they still hold hands & hug! I saw Mark Lee wiping crumbs off his wife's face before. And they went to a cinema that is very isolated and quiet, so they are not doing it 'for show'.

    That's why I told my hb that must choose hb that not handsome and rich. Earn enough to keep the family happy can already (dont want too rich like Jack Neo).

    Lawla, I replied you on the other thread. Go early early, bring breakfast, newspaper and foldable chair.
  12. sunflowerlady

    sunflowerlady Well-Known Member

    lala dardar jiayou jiayou

  13. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    arrrr.....i register 1st then eat n drink arrr...if not while Q-ing up i wanna go pee, booo langgg help me Q-up going alone tis fri, hubby cant take leave n i happen to b on leave (clear leave) me go see see, look look 1st.....

    my woody---ask him go shooping wif me...ask tis cloth nice, he say yes yes....ask which one nicer---he say "got diff mehhh"......ZzzZZz...otherwise he will stand outside n wait for me...he say paisey, all woman only testing clothes..not lingerie lohhh...he WOODY!!!!!!! :18::18::18::18::18::18:

    muakie muakz~
  14. ewe

    ewe New Member

    hi lawla,

    did u visit tong ji? can share how's the visit?
    my mum keep asking mi to go n try cos she say my late grandmother last time aldy say tis tong ji is good..but have to work..
    still thinking whether to go for ivf in june
  15. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    reach Tong Ji at 7.35am.....lots of OLD PPLE.....i saw a few young i tink, lucky ARRRRR, those young couples should b seeing fertility dept...the rest of the old pple is general illness.....

    when i saw my Q no was 40---i sianz 1/2 liaooo....i thought the fertility got 40 patients cos i requested for sinseh Tan Siew Buoy who is the chef physician ....SO MANY PPLE ARRRRR...but i only saw a few young couples lehhh......i thought maybe those parents help their dotters/sons to Q up really sianzz liaooo....

    then i went to the 4th floor n wait...the sinseh really start seeing the patients at 8.30am sharp......(((i saw other dept, the sinseh also start early at 8.20am).......

    guess what.....I WAS THE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL~ ....the no 40 is all patients (so when you take med, your number wont double appear)......i thought its only fertility dept...kekekekkee~

    sinseh Tan say once i see her, i cant change sinseh liaooo..then ask me double confirm if i wanna see her....of cos i say YES LAAAAAAA...then she ask me izzi friends refer me or i watch the charity show....its the latter yaaaa....

    she ask me to see her weekly...but i really cant....they dont open on weekends.....told her best i can once evy fortnight.....then she say ok.....she say...go to see her after AF is cleaned so she know the condition of my body before she can prescrible med for me......she gave me 4pkts of med for my AF 1st, to b taken when my AF comes (day 1 to 4)....once AF clear, go see her......but horrrrrrr---provided i can take leave.......

    see how...i try try 1st.....she also say once i start to see her, i dont continue with the accupuncture n their med (the sinseh which i'm seeing currently at AMK)....

    the session with sinseh Tan took about 10mins...then i waited for my med (they will give you the prescription deeeee) for another 15mins....then i left at 9.20am....

    duno how long can i last to see the sinseh cos i've to take 1day leave per mth if i see her evy fortnight (1/2day each).......i still haf to save my leave for IVF (if me doing it) com dun recognise MC for preggie related no choice, haf to take my own leave.....but seriously doubt i've euff leaves....:embarrassed:
  16. ewe

    ewe New Member

    wow thanks for the details :001_302:
    Think will visit during mid apr when i on leave..but like what u say hv to c her every week i oso cant take leave..
    did u bring along ur previous test report?
    there's a few sinseh the sinseh u c nice? sorry i nvr visit sinseh since adulthood haha

    my frd jus started ivf n says tat e injection is painful...i really dun hv e courage to try n accept if failed...haiz
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  17. BabyBaby75

    BabyBaby75 New Member

    Dear All ,

    Thank for all the info on Tong Ji and want to go but worry that the Q is long. I am seeing TCM at Science Art since December but still no good news.
    Will go next week and see. Any good doctor to recommend.
  18. allycat

    allycat Active Member

    Good luck ya :tlaugh:

    My friend did her IVF at KKH, painful to go through all the tests etc, and she strike at the 1st go. Her EDD is in Jun 2010. :001_302:
  19. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    the injection quite ok for me....u haf to inject urself evy morn deeeeee.....maybe cos me fat fat, already got a THICK layer of spare tyre liaooo, so easy for me to grab the "meat" n inject....

    i hate it when gynae ask u to insert the pill into ur "private area" to strengthen the lining....tat one very hard for me...need mirror to see where me inserting....LOL~.....smtimes nv insert deep euff, the pill is dangling outside my private area when me pee....ZZzzZZZzz.....

    i went Tong Ji once only...not yet start on their i cant tell if it works for me....

    if u'r going Tong Ji...i suggest tat u reach there at 7.30am to register....if u reach ard 9am-10am+++, the Q for registration is really super long....i rather go early n waiting time to see sinseh is shorter too......
  20. ewe

    ewe New Member


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