Single Parent Making Friends



u looking for dating partner or looking for support group? lolx

the way u approach the chat thread don't sound like looking for support group thu.

Forest ang

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Hi all...I m a single mum. Looking to widen my circle to make friends that are for keeps. Only female. Hope to form a power girl team force and bring support to each other's life. We can have regular meet up with kids to unwind after a long day...we can help one another in need...anyone keen to start the ball rolling?


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We have a whatsapp chat group for single parents, PM me your number if you would like to be added. Most of our kids are between 2 to 5 years old.


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Hi ladies,

I’m Wen Jing, a producer at Mediacorp Channel 8 current affairs programme, Frontline.

I'm exploring the topic on the difficulties faced by single parents, particularly single mothers. It will focus mainly on the differences in benefits given to married and unmarried mothers eg. maternity leave and tax relief.

Would need a profile to showcase the challenges faced by single mothers and how the benefits can help in lessening the burden. Hence, would like to check with members here if you feel strongly about this topic and are OK to be featured, preferably someone who speaks Mandarin as the programme is on Channel 8. Would be great if I can have a profile to be on the show.

Pls do not hesitate to contact me at or call me at 91192205 if you are keen.

Thank you so much.


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hi I'm a daddy with a 1 year 2 months baby gal who lived in Australia :)

anybody care to be my friend :)

cheers! :)


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hi ladies,

may i join in?
single mom of 22mo boy, lookinf fwd to noe more mommies...
pls do add me
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Hi Ladies,

I am also a single mom with 2 gals - 5 years and 6 years old

Would like to know more mummies out there.


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Hi Ladies,

I am a 28yrs old single dad with 2 gals 3 - 7 years old.

Would like to meet more friends..


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Hi I'm a single mum with two kids aged 8 and 2.5years. I'm currently running a part time biz with a group of entrepreneurs hoping to be financially free in two to five years time and spend more time with my kids. If you also carry the same dream as mine or have a much bigger dream than me, I hope we can do this together.
Im working with a few single parent support group community to gather people who might be interested in additional income options to see if this biz option is for them.
if you are interested to be part of the discussion, please pm me. Cheers!


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Hi, I am a 38 yrs old single working mom to my 4 yrs old kid. Currently staying at Hougang. Don't mind to join in your support group.
I have been attending counselling session at one of the Family Centre and i find it quite useful. I have also registered for the upcoming session for single parent support group arranged by the centre next month in Aug 2015. Have not been in any support group yet and i feel quite excited and at the same time nervous too.

Hopefully I can gain something or help someone from the sharing session.