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Discussion in 'Cosmetics Junkie!' started by CynCyn, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    Has anyone bought Skin Food products ? Pls share .
  2. angtan

    angtan Member

    I asked my colleague to buy from Korea at half price only. I have bought the snow tea eye serum. Not bad. Also bought the eye & cheek mask, not used yet. The chocolate lip gloss too sticky, not nice.
  3. msblur

    msblur Member

    Im using the peeling mask, neck cream & face mask frm Skin Food. I feel that the peeling mask is gd. :Dancing_wub:
  4. vodkager

    vodkager Member

    where can get skin food products?
  5. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    Marina Square . :001_302:
  6. Celina

    Celina Member

    marina square
    far east plaza
    parkway parade (isetan)
  7. LadySilver

    LadySilver Member

    for mu,
    i like their mu base, the lime secret. nice shimmer base, which helps to add radiance to the skin. yet not too over.
  8. babybigu

    babybigu New Member

    Dear mummies

    I am organising a BP for skinfood / faceshop products at up to 40% off. Bulk Purchase for Skinfood & Faceshop-up to 40% off

    For the skinfood BB cream (the mushroom one, with SPF), it is going at 35% off. If you purchase up to $200, you get additional 2% off.
  9. WalterPed

    WalterPed Member

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