Slow rising hcg level


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Hi ladies,

im feeling very very devastated and upset now.

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks and went for a scan, gynae was able to see a sac. I went back for a follow up 1 week later expecting to hear the heart beat at week 6, to my disappointment, there were only a yolk sac, and perhaps not a very clear fetal pole. The gynae told me not to b worried, but seeing that I was really anxious to know if my pregnancy was normal, she suggested a hcg blood test. The first reading was 52000 u/l, and I got my 2nd reading just yesterday after 44 hrs. The gynae was expecting at least a 60% increase, unfortunately it was only 37% increase. She said it might not b a viable pregnancy.

i almost cried when I heard that... She told me to go back on Monday for another scan, hopefully to hear the heartbeat.... I'm really lost.

does any of you ladies had similar experience of slow rising hcg but went on to have a normal pregnancy?


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KatTea, dont worry. nth was detected when i went to the gynae at 4week plus. We were worried too. But his heartbeat was detect 2 weeks plus later. My son is now k1. :) some babies tend to slow later. :)