Smelly Ear!!!

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  1. jassmine

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    hi my daughter have smelly right ear, have clean wif wet clothes but still smell smelly .... what happen??
  2. str@wb3rry's

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    my bb gal also has smelly ear and i brought her to see doc but doc say just that her ears has too much ear wax inside. Nothing to worry about unless got pus... But anyway the doc gave me a eardrop to drop so that the wax will come out. Is suppose to use for 2 weeks to see the result but i only use for 2 days and i stop but the smell also lessen.

    Some ppl say becoz the water went in the ears so become smelly. So maybe try to keep the ear dry. I think really not to worry so much unless the smell really very bad and bb keep tugging the ear u should bring her see doc in case of ear infection...
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  3. yvonne_ktw

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    If u want can clean her ear with a cotton stick kind. It really helps as well. But u have to be careful as doctor think they wunt advise u dig their ear... I've been cleaning my boi's ear everyday after bath n inside is real dirty and he feel very shiok when i dig his ear. :err:
  4. JusMum

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    when can i start clean baby ear ? my baby is now 1 month 3 weeks ..
  5. chiro

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    i see... No wonder la...

    All along i tot mymil no clean my ds ears properly

  6. lis

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    u can start cleaning them now oso if u wan..but b careful not to hurt the ear drum.. dun wait too long to clean the ear.. if not one fine day u'll c a big lump of ear wax inside the ear.. :elvis: like ma son last tym.. i tink ma confinement lady didn't clean his ear properly..

    u can use the tiniest cotton bud tat u can find outside.. i use tollyjoy.. maybe u can dip it into johnson's baby oil.. den can clean baby ear.. will help to clean the ear better & moisturising.. n baby ear will smell nice nice oso.. i does tat to ma son..

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