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Discussion in 'Healthy Cooking Recipe' started by soapsoap, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    i just buy the soya bean milk machine, is there any receipt to share?

    thinking to try walnut paste and other hot dessert
  2. smallcookie

    smallcookie Member

    I am also keen to know more recipes.
  3. Pinkliciouz

    Pinkliciouz Member

    Where did you buy?
    How much did you bought it for?
    I'm looking for 1 too but the 1 I saw at HomeFix is $200+! Over my budget...
  4. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    i buy during robinson sale at expo for $168, i saw kovan heartland mall level 2 shop selling also
  5. posh

    posh Member

    Is it easy to make the soya bean milk with the machine? Any feedback?
  6. SkyeFve

    SkyeFve Member

    yup i own a soya bean milk machine, saves time and effort. makes soya bean milk in about 20 minutes for the whole family.
    makes soups, paste, juices, milk from other beans and grains too! my kids loved it.

    think its gd since it gave me alot of convenience and i get to enjoy warm soymilk every morning bah.
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  7. SkyeFve

    SkyeFve Member

    oh yeah i saw that sale - considered buying actually, but realised the brand isnt that good after doing some research. bought another one instead elsewhere :001_302:
  8. SkyeFve

    SkyeFve Member

    yup, just pour soaked soya beans and water into the machine, and it will grind the beans and cook it for you. :) afterwhich just pour through strainer and add sugar - taste rich, smooth and thick. :)

    healthier and more delicious than those sold in the market.

    the recipe / guideline is here: Soya Bean Milk | Buy Joyoung Soy Milk Makers from Singapore | Order Online, Reviews, Recipes and FAQs
  9. felicity

    felicity Active Member

    my mil has the machine (i think is joyoung one) and will make fresh soya bean milk with almond syrup with the machine, or make soya bean pudding using the fresh soya bean milk... i don't see her trying anything else with the machine though...
  10. felicity

    felicity Active Member

  11. joyintheclouds

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  12. VanessT

    VanessT Member

    wow, this is new. Will check it out, healthier too.:tlaugh:
  13. joyintheclouds

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  14. joyintheclouds

    joyintheclouds New Member

    Couldnt open the links, nt member:/
  15. Mof2kk

    Mof2kk Member

    I bought this Joyoung soymilk maker last year after seeing it everywhere. No regret till now! Love it!
    My kids love the pudding most, my hubby love black sesame paste while I love the ginger tea most! Must buy the unrefined black sugar for the ginger tea. My colleague recommended me this brand Billington's Molasses. Excellent!

    I took the advise of one of the members and not buy from internet. I don't trust those as no warranty and don't know whether they are authentic or not.
  16. samsel

    samsel New Member


    I've just bought a new soyabean maker, Pebblio, it's very easy to use. Last time I used to have Joyoung but still find it troublesome, cos after the maker has completed the process, I still need to strain it through a sieve, so more steps = more washing.
    This Pebblio soyabean maker, comes with auto-filter so just one step to make delicious soyabean milk! Just need to pour in the beans and water, that's all, in 20 mins, the milk is ready to be served. It also has a dispenser so can pour out the milk straight away and drink, the soyabean milk can be kept inside to keep warm. About washing, also very easy to wash. So far I've made soyabean milk, tau huay, pudding, brown rice milk and even tofu! If I'm not wrong, this is the only maker that can make DIY tofu from home! It's a great investment, no regrets!
  17. linamummy

    linamummy Member

    I bought joyoung soymilk maker from Audio House.
    normally when you get a new machine, it takes time for you to get to know the functions.
    this joyoung machine simple to use and they provide free learning class in Loyang. i enjoyed the class and made soymilk pudding that taste like laoban! don’t need go queue for lao ban when you can make your own! hahaha
  18. samsel

    samsel New Member


    But Joyoung has additional steps that is need draining off the residue through a sieve, whereas Pebblio is auto-filter, so it's more friendly to use. :Dancing_biggrin:kekeke...
    How much did you buy Joyoung? Can it make tau huay and tofu?:bskeptical:

    Btw, just found this link about this food blogger on her review on Pebblio soyabean maker, you may wanna check it out: Cuisine Paradise Kitchen's Tips: Pebblio Tofu And Soymilk Maker


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