How do you feel? 12year old girl killed by Maid

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I hope for:
- extended childcare leave for special needs children from birth till 18 years old
- build special needs daycare centre
- more $$ top up into our special needs children's edusave account
- more $$ in our special needs children's edusave account so that we can use for external therapies (special school not providing therapies)
- Maid levy to be tweek for working parents like us (no childcare or daycare centre) - setup a special fund to park bonus (channel our levies from MOM's pocket to FDWs) for maid who has worked for us for 2 full years. Discourage job hopping and errant maids on our land
Sad sad :embarrassed: :embarrassed:
none came true

:nah:FDW levy subsidy at $120 is meant for elderly. Govt not sincere to help.
:nah:top up into our special needs children's edusave account (age 7 years old and above). Younger kids (more places in centres for children who need intensive early intervention) or those attended SPED (Special Employment Credit scheme) will receive goodies but not my girl.... again!
:nah:govt busy building eldercare centre but not special needs daycare centers for those who were refused or unsuitable to enroll into Integrated Childcare. My girl need attention and therapies, quite similar to the care required by our elderly citizens but how come no daycare centers are built for this group of special needs persons?


Dear Angelmum,
I share your wish list and wonder where we can rally for more support. Let's zoom into:
- build special needs daycare centre
- extend baby bonus $ matching for special kids ( I already exhausted all my baby bonus of S$6K + S$6K, and my girl just turned 3).
- Increased Maid levy subsidy


Dear Angelmum,
I share your wish list and wonder where we can rally for more support. Let's zoom into:
- build special needs daycare centre
- extend baby bonus $ matching for special kids ( I already exhausted all my baby bonus of S$6K + S$6K, and my girl just turned 3).
- Increased Maid levy subsidy
rally for more support?
If we've a minister who has gone thru what we're going thru, have a high dependency special needs child then we'll have a voice. The ministers are mainly born to be rich people, too fortunate, no need to go thru money not enough, can't understand us.

Just hope to have a conveniently located special needs daycare/nursing centre so that I can kick maid out of my world. Don't want to hire maid and let people think I'm very rich, enjoying tai-tai life and busy slaving a poor foreign woman.


TODAYonline | Hot News | 5-year national roadmap for people with disabilities unveiled
Improvement of transport options for the disabled, enhancing the network for early detection of disabilities and improvement of services for adults are among the 41 recommendations made by the steering committee for the Enabling Masterplan 2012-2016.

Setting up of a multi-agency taskforce to study the provision of incentives and legislation to promote and sustain employment of the disabled, as well as the development of group homes for the disabled with low family support.

I faced problem of special school appointed buses only provide services to selected areas. If no school bus with bus aunty, special needs children will have to get to school their own way. It is not easy. Not cheap too! Last year, I was 'toying' with the idea of sending my girl to AWWA but there's no school bus plying west area... strictly no!! :realmad:The current school, YPS also doesn't cover west area. Lucky we could take mrt to Khatib and walk over to school. Otherwise, how to go school with a heavy stroller, no private car, taxi too expensive and can't control time?

TODAYonline | Hot News | MOE should play bigger role in special education, says committee
TODAYonline | Hot News | Towards a lifetime of being enabled
The spokesperson said: "MOE shares the vision of enabling persons with disabilities to maximise their potential and be integrated in our society. MOE is committed to progressively improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of special education over time."

Hope MOE/govt really will maximise the disabilities' potential and be integrated in our society. Unlikely to benefit my girl as already past the important early intervention period. She's not good enough or eligible for real special education, such as SPED. :weno::wecry:

Parents need some directions and "sign-posting" when they first learn of their child having special needs, followed by sufficient and affordable services.:weyes::webiggrin: The steering committee's recommendations include a special education governance structure with the Ministry of Education leading policy and programmes, an inter-agency taskforce to study the provision of incentives and legislation to promote employment of people with disabilities, the development of group homes for the disabled with low family support, and having a few dedicated transport providers catering to the needs of the elderly and disabled. Let's watch and see are the recommendations effective and helpful or only look good in words .... 'white lies'.


S'poreans respond to Budget via REACH - Channel NewsAsia

Building a fair and inclusive society topped the number of responses with 40 per cent of all inputs received by the national feedback unit REACH on this year's Budget.

Others suggested the monthly S$120 grant to hire foreign domestic helpers to care for seniors be extended to families with disabled members, as well as to those with children.

The majority of Singaporeans welcomed support for those with disabilities, but also felt more could be done.

Some suggested help be extended to those suffering from mental illness, and to the disabled who did not graduate from Special Education Schools.

The normal maid levy is $265 per month.
If qualifies for the new grant, will effectively pay only $50/month for levy. :elvis:

To qualify, families must have an elderly family member who has severe dementia or is unable to perform three or more activities of daily living. Households with elderly persons already enjoyed a $95 concession in the foreign domestic worker levy and will continue to do so.

S$120 grant per month, better than nothing if disabilities/special needs families are eligible for grant too.
Super envy elderly and low income, so many goodies targeted at them, again and again. We got to request and make noise but still neglected. Govt pumping so much money on foreign workers, SMEs, low income .... all these are in billions. How many special needs, low IQ, no daycare centre for them and had to rely on domestic helpers so that caregivers can work? If funding given, certainly won't be in billions, maybe a few thousands, ie about 1% or 10% ... sigh... how long must we wait to see something sincerely and tailor-made for us?

TODAYonline | Singapore | Towards a lifetime of being enabled
specialised transport providers catering to the elderly and people with disabilities?

If there's such affordable tranport for those with disabilities and my girl can tap onto it, means we can choose the special school we want and no longer need to worry school bus doesn't cover my area.
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Mainstream integration for all special-ed schools
omy - ?? News - Mainstream integration for all special-ed schools

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is looking into implementing satellite partnerships in all of the 20 Special Education (Sped) schools here, which will allow students to integrate with their peers from mainstream schools.

This partnership programme, started in 2007, is part of the Government's efforts to promote a more inclusive society, said Education Minister Heng Swee Keat yesterday.

He was speaking to reporters during his visit to Townsville Primary School in Ang Mo Kio, which has a satellite partnership with the neighbouring Pathlight School for children with autism.

The Townsville-Pathlight partnership, which started in September 2009, sees a class of 40 pupils from the primary three, four or five level of Townsville going over to have their recess at Pathlight.

Similarly, about 25 pupils from Pathlight would cross over to interact with their mainstream peers during the recess period.

Currently, there are eight Sped schools in satellite partnerships with 11 nearby mainstream schools.

Said Pathlight principal Linda Kho: "The children get to experience what it's like to be in a mainstream school, and they learn social skills in a very organic setting."

During his visit, Mr Heng also dropped by Happy Hearts, Townsville's student- care centre.

"The student-care centre provides a very good environment for the children, especially when they do not have good family support," he said, adding that six more of such centres will be set up within the next couple of years, with one opening at Fuhua Primary School today.

Mr Heng also spoke about the Edusave Character Awards, saying that there is no reason why it should be treated differently from the other Edusave awards.

"In the past, our awards have been very much geared towards academic achievements. As we move towards a more holistic education, it is important for us to shift the focus of our award," he said.



Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities
The Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities Scheme enables families to pay a lower monthly levy ($170 instead of $265) when employing full-time caregivers to help look after their loved ones with disabilities.

Each household is also only eligible for levy concessions for up to two FDWs at any one time, including those hired with levy concessions pertaining to young children or elderly persons.

The person needing care must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident aged ≤12 and/or ≥65 and certified by an appointed medical practitioner as requiring assistance in at least one Activity of Daily Living*.

The person needing care should be the employer of the FDW or related to the employer – as the child, grandchild, spouse, sibling, sibling-in-law, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, or grandparent-in-law. If the person needing care is related to the employer, he/she should be living with the employer at the same NRIC-registered address.

Once all the above conditions are fulfilled, the employer of the FDW will automatically qualify for the levy concession under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Please apply directly with MOM.

(*The six Activities of Daily Living are washing/bathing, feeding, toileting, transferring, dressing, and mobility.)

Visit an appointed medical practitioner for assistance in sending the application form and assessment report to the Centre for Enabled Living (CEL). However, do give the clinic a call first before making your way down for assessment.

The full cost of the medical assessment will be borne by the applicant and will not be refunded even if the application for the levy concession is not supported or approved.
Applicants are advised to first seek approval from the Ministry of Manpower to hire a FDW before applying for the levy concession.

The monthly Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Grant of $120 will apply to households:
  • with a per capita monthly income of up to $2,200;

Read more:
MCYS will also exercise flexibility to extend the same grant to those taking care of family members with more severe intellectual disabilities, autism and sensory impairments.
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Hi everyone - I am a mum with a boy 8 years with autism and a girl 10 years with Asperger's Syndrome ... it's been a long long road since i first diagnosed my kids when they were 3 years plus... every since then, we've done most of private therapies where we could and to date, it's been almost half a million bucks invested in just our two kids to have them be who they are today. I know not many can afford something like this and that I've been sooooo blessed with things falling into place along the way without even knowing how ... but my message to all mums is never give up - it's a lifetime of blessings with these special kids we have and there will be days where we cry and want to give up but know that you're not alone .... If anyone is wanting to hear more about my experiences, let me know cos I dun wanna take up the whole page :p ... Hugs for all you wonderful mothers dealing with your kids !!


Hi everyone - I am a mum with a boy 8 years with autism and a girl 10 years with Asperger's Syndrome ... it's been a long long road since i first diagnosed my kids when they were 3 years plus... ... but my message to all mums is never give up - it's a lifetime of blessings with these special kids we have and there will be days where we cry and want to give up but know that you're not alone .... If anyone is wanting to hear more about my experiences, let me know cos I dun wanna take up the whole page :p ... Hugs for all you wonderful mothers dealing with your kids !!
I've seen 3 cases of parents who were happy to conceive twins but 2 cases had one normal and one with special needs
The other having twins, instead of double happiness, they have double heartaches, both were born with special needs.

You seemed to accept your kids well. I'm sure other parents would be keen to know how you manage. We're special needs parents, our journey is tougher than normal parents. If you've time to type, do share with us. Don't worry, you're not taking up space or pages here.

Thanks for joining us. :Dancing_tongue:


$40m boost for special-needs kids, youth
By Samantha Boh, my paper
Friday, May 04, 2012 Children with special needs and at-risk youth are the focus of the Community Chest's fund-raisers this financial year.
It plans to raise $40.2 million to meet their needs, which will account for 56 per cent of the record $72.3 million it aims to raise by the end of March next year, through events such as a walking event in Marina Bay.

This was announced by Ms Jennie Chua, chairman of the Community Chest, during a media conference yesterday.
Some 10,700 more individuals are expected to benefit from a 30 per cent increase in total funds raised over last year's.
Part of the funds raised will be used to set up three new centres to provide special-needs children with educational and therapy services. The centres are expected to benefit an additional 300 children.

The services provided at these centres are part of the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children, introduced in 2002 to help those at risk of developing a disabling condition between birth and six years of age.

The first new centre will be opened this month in Jurong, and will be run by the Society for the Physically Disabled.
Enrolment at existing centres will also be ramped up, increasing the total number of children under the early-intervention programme by 28 per cent to 2,300.

The Community Chest and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports will co-fund 54 programmes to improve the social skills of 3,800 at-risk youth and help them with emotional stress they may face. The programmes will support them in completing their education, too, and include discussion sessions with their families to ensure that they get adequate family support.

The Community Chest is also looking into enhancing the curriculum and capacity of special-education schools, and improving support services for 500 more adults with disabilities.

One person who has benefited from attending a special-education school is Ms Masni Miswari, 28, who has an intellectual disability.
Ms Masni now applies the food- preparation and dish-washing skills she picked up at the SIA-Minds Employment Development Centre in her job as a kitchen stewardess at Holiday Inn Atrium. "The skills I learnt make it easier for me to work," she said.
hello,My cousin has a special child and I'm very proud of her because she really take care and she give fully time to her daughter that have a visual impairments.


Maid who killed 12-year-old disabled girl jailed 20 years

TODAYonline | Singapore | Maid who killed employer's daughter jailed 20 years
SINGAPORE - An Indonesian maid who pushed a 12-year-old disabled girl off a ledge in 2010 was jailed 20 years for culpable homicide today.

The maid, who goes by one name, Nurhayati, was 16 years old at the time she pushed Linda Lee Yee Lin off the 16th floor parapet ledge of a block in Hougang Street 51.

She had been hired only the month before to care for Linda.

The court heard that Nurhayati was having difficulty adjusting to life in Singapore, and had not been well-equipped or trained to care for a disabled child. Linda suffered from Scoliosis, and was both physically and mentally disabled.

The court also heard that Nurhayati was angry and irritated with Linda's father, Mr Lee Kai Yam, as he often reprimanded her about her work. She had even planned to kill him by mixing his coffee with insect poison, but did not follow through.

On Nov 24, 2010, Nurhayati suddenly thought of killing Linda, to take revenge on Mr Lee. After Mr Lee left for work, Nurhayati carried Linda out of the family's flat on the fourth floor and took the lift to the ground floor, but did not know how to kill her. She then got back into the lift and went up to the 16th floor, where she then pushed Linda off the parapet wall.

Nurhayati then staged Linda's disappearance as a child abduction. She wrote a note addressed to Mr Lee using a red pen, and taped it to Linda's bedroom door, before she lay down, naked, on the floor of the bedroom to pretend she was sexually assaulted.

Police later uncovered the truth during investigations. The prosecution pressed for a deterrent sentence saying that the victim was a vulnerable handicapped child, and that the crime was committed out of spite and pure vengeance.

Linda's parents were present for the hearing. Her father said he was still trying to cope with the loss of his only child.

Nurhayati's mother was also in court, and spent 15 tearful minutes with her daughter after the sentence was meted out.


Jun 2013 - The woman arrested and charged for murder, following her nine-year-old son's death after he was found unconscious below a block at West Coast Road on Jun 1, has been remanded for psychiatric observation.

According to The Straits Times, Gabriel Loh, nine, died in hospital less than an hour after police found him lying unconscious at the bottom of Block 704, where he lived with his 31-year-old mother, Rebecca Loh Chui Lai and his grandmother. Rebecca, who has been arrested for the suspected murder of her young son last Saturday, was also seen crying at the window.

The boy, who attended a special school, was unconscious when police arrived. He was taken to the National University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead just after 7pm. His mother, known only as Rebecca, was arrested later that day by police. Believed to be an unemployed single mother, she was often seen pushing Gabriel around in a pram. She would lift him from the pram to the chair and back at a nearby coffee shop, neighbours told The Straits Times.

Gabriel, who was described as having yellow skin and eyes because of jaundice, had a failed liver operation, according to a next-door neighbour who wanted to be known only as Madam Jah.

Rebecca would often appear troubled, walking with her head bowed and looking dazed while outside buying lunch, a report in Chinese evening daily Shin Min stated. It also said that she had sought help for a mental problem about seven years ago. Rebecca has been remanded for psychiatric observation, and will appear in court again on June 24. If convicted of murder, she faces the death penalty.

View attachment 105579

Why this woman is unemployed? I'll soon have to join this woman as unemployed stay-home mum because it is too hard to find a good helper (FDW). There's no affordable, nearby special needs daycare centre that suits my girl (intellectually disabled, unable to attend mainstream). What can I do to stay employable? Stay home, will money drop from the sky?

What kind of help (custom-made) have our govt rendered to special needs family?
Did our govt try to remove the unfriendly barriers they have purposely set up?
Did they try to walk around and reach people who needed help but no guts to show their faces or tell people their real financial status?

The New Paper, Sunday, Dec 02, 2012 - I have killed my son, said a note. My son is in room 4106, said another.These were the two chilling messages Shariffudin Abdul Kader left behind before he jumped to his death over mounting debts.

On Thursday was the coroner's inquiry into the death of Shariffudin, 55, and his son, Mr Shah Amin Shariffudin, 19.
Shariffudin, who, according to his wife, loved his son very much, was found dead at the foot of Block 35, Marsiling Drive on Sept 26, 2010.
His son, who had intellectual and physical disabilities, was found dead in a room in Copthorne Orchid Hotel about two hours later.
Investigations showed that Shariffudin left his condominium with his son on Sept 25, 2010, at 4.30pm.

His wife, Madam Jasmin Abdullah, 54, who returned home at 5.30pm, was told by her maid that he had taken their son out.
She called his mobile phone but it was switched off. It felt strange that he had taken their son out at such a late hour but she decided to wait.
Hours passed but she could not get in touch with him so she started checking with her immediate family members, relatives and friends, to no avail.
Unknown to her, the father and son had gone for a walk together and later checked into a room at Copthorne Orchid Hotel at 8.20pm.
Shariffudin paid cash for a night's stay but before they went up to the room, he bought a pair of scissors and a roll of tape from a store in the hotel, with his son tagging along.
While in the room, he strangled his son using a piece of raffia.
He then conducted funeral rites.

He also wrote and signed a note in a notebook found on a coffee table.
The note read: "Please call mother (telephone numbers). I have killed my son. Shariffudin Kader. 1.20am, Sept 26, 2010."
At 2.55am, he left the hotel room and drove away in his car.
He went to Block 37, Marsiling Drive, parked his car at the loading and unloading bay in front of the block and headed to Block 35.
He went up to the staircase landing between the 12th and 13th storey, took a table left outside a unit and positioned it next to the corridor wall.
He climbed over the wall and jumped to his death.
His body was found face up at the foot of the block on a grass patch by a resident, who called the police.
The officers found him lying motionless. He was pronounced dead at 5.31am.
In his trousers' front left pocket, police found a hotel key cardholder containing a Copthorne Orchid Hotel access card and a handwritten note on the cardholder.

The note read: "My son in room 4106, call (telephone number). Call mother (telephone number)."
Following the lead, the police found his son motionless on the bed in the hotel room, covered with a blanket.
He was lying face up, with his hands neatly placed on his chest and a raffia wrapped around his neck.
A prayer book was found on a pillow beside his head.

His leg braces were on the coffee table and an unused roll of masking tape was found on a shelf nearby.
Police did not find any signs of forced entry nor struggle in the room.
A close friend of his, who lives at the block which he jumped from, said that Shariffudin had confided in him that his business was running at a loss.
He said that Shariffudin had chalked up debts amounting to $1 million and was unable to pay monthly salaries to his staff.

He had never mentioned to her about suicide or taking their son's life, but she believed he did that to relieve her from their son's high medical bills.
Their son suffered from a condition called Global Development Delay since birth.
He could not walk properly due to flat feet and had poor balance due to poor muscle control and weak knees. He needed leg braces to walk.
He underwent a surgery in August 2007 to treat the partial dislocation of his left knee and recovered well.
But in April 2010, he had a fall and injured a ligament in his right knee. He did not go through any surgery and used a leg brace to walk with the help of physiotherapy sessions.

Why they have to do this and be labelled as murderers? Did PAP build an inclusive society?

Does govt have a database to monitor, offer help and not make special needs persons & families beg for short-term assistance?
We dont't need big figures that PAP showed the public you've thrown in $$ for SPED education, $120 FDW grant, etc .... at the end of the day, how many really benefited? Did you make it a chore to get funding and assistance? Our child's medical, special needs equipment, are they affordable? Can they be further subsidized?
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Re: Do we have a caring govt?

Make a pledge to enhance lives of those with disabilities: NCSS
Straits Times, Jun 04, 2013

The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) is inviting the public to make pledges of actions to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities in Singapore. This exercise is part of a year-long campaign to gather support in creating an inclusive society for persons with disabilities.
Members of the public can do so online at or fill up a pledge card available at five voluntary welfare organisations. They include the Singapore Association for the Deaf, Society for the Physically Disabled and the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore).

The council has already received more than 300 pledges since the site went live in late March. Among the pledges received: be sensitive to special needs students; champion for rights of persons with disabilities; and look out for them and give assistance or listening ear.

On Monday morning, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong had also submitted an entry which said: "I pledge to get more of my friends to help others."


EIPIC fees are expensive. My combine income with hubby is around 10K, we stay in HDB flat and pay $550 excl GST for EIPIC THK for my son, 4 days 3 hours each. However, another girl in the class, both parents and grandparents come to school with her in 7-seater cars(different car) everyday. Only paid $200 over per month. But thought its expensive my son did benefit from it.


Justsomething to share: My son was diagnosed with ASD last year. We had no priorfamily history(from both sides) with children or any1 with this disorder.Relatives who do not understand looked at him in a ver different way. Could notfollow all the instructions in the Childcare Centre that he attend. I wasreally upset and did not know how to cope at time. He throw tantrums also.Doctor refer him for therapy sessions and he was eventually referred to EIPICat THK this February. Condition did not improve drastically. Until 3 monthsback, my SIL's friend recommended me to try out on Essential oil, and after 3months , we (myself, SIL, BIL, and even my mum who is taking care of him) feelsthat his communication skills improve a lot. He is able to sit still for alonger period of time. This makes me certain that his condition can furtherimprove if i persist. Any1 who is interested to try, can PM me.


Jul 04, 2014
Breaking down 'disability' barrier, MyPaper

WHEN strangers run into Edwin Khoo, 37, who is blind from birth, they react in one of two ways. Either they are overly friendly and concerned or they are awkward. "Just be natural," he said. "Be sensitive, but treat people with disabilities the way you'd treat everyone else."

Now there will be a huge space in Redhill - about 30,000 sq m, the size of more than five football fields - meant exactly for the kind of interaction that Mr Khoo is talking about. It is meant for everyone - those with disabilities and those without them - to just rub shoulders. The site was unveiled yesterday by SG Enable, an agency which provides services for those with disabilities, and will be ready in the second half of next year.

The centre, which does not have a name yet, will also provide employment services and training facilities.

Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing, who was the guest of honour at yesterday's event, said: "We didn't want this place just to be an exclusive place for persons with disabilities, as if it is a part that is divorced from the larger society and community.

"In the design of this place, we consciously want to make sure that the residents in and around this area, the people that are coming to this area, will also have the opportunity to come by and understand this community, work with this community... We do not want to see the community of persons with disabilities as an isolated example at one corner of Bukit Merah."

SG Enable is in discussions with at least 10 organisations, including voluntary welfare organisations and SingTel, to see how they can be a part of this space.

The site could also have a supermarket and banks. The executive director of the Society for the Physically Disabled, Abhimanyau Pal, said: "Activities at this centre will provide opportunities for people with disabilities to interact with able-bodied individuals, and vice versa." That is exactly what Mr Khoo wants: "I don't think there is a specific formula that you have to follow so as not to offend or hurt a person with disability. Generally, be a bit mindful and sensitive. But we are all just human - it's a matter of observing and just seeing how it goes."


ACS plans to start special needs school
The Straits Times, Monday, Jun 30, 2014
Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) plans to start a special needs school as part of its drive to be inclusive. A pilot programme is expected to be rolled out next year at ACS (Independent) and ACS (Barker Road), subject to approval from the Government.

Chairman Richard Seow of the ACS board of governors told The Straits Times that the aim in siting the special needs school at the two schools is to get the students to mix and interact daily. "When we talk about inclusiveness, we have an ACS school for almost every single type of learner," said Mr Seow, referring to the existing six schools which include primary, secondary, international and a junior college.

"The one area we don't have a school for is special needs. That, to us, is part of our mission to be inclusive, to make sure the ACS brand of education is available to all," he said. "It's not just an elite school dealing with the academically gifted or the sporting and artistically gifted people. "It's the most exciting thing we're doing right now."

A working committee for this seventh ACS school is headed by ACS (Independent) principal Winston Hodge and ACS (Barker Road) principal Peter Tan. While existing ACS schools do have students with learning disabilities, the new school is expected to cater to lower-functioning autistic children who cannot get into mainstream schools. The committee has done some market testing and received "overwhelming support" from parents and alumni, said Mr Seow. Parents with special needs children are particularly excited because of the long waiting lists at such existing schools.

The committee, which is working with the Education Ministry, the Methodist Church and educational experts, is ironing out details such as intake size and ages that the school should cater to.

Those who cannot afford the fees will be taken care of, said Mr Seow. He said he hoped mainstream students would mentor the special needs students and develop a caring mindset. "There is a tendency for some students to be a little too inward-focused, where they think about their success, about themselves, and how to get ahead," he said, calling it a "misplaced sense of meritocracy".

Jurong GRC MP Ang Wei Neng welcomed the ACS move. "To have another school with the passion to cater to special needs students is very worthy and very courageous of them," said Mr Ang, adviser to Grace Orchard School for children with mild intellectual disability and mild autism and an Autism Association board member. Another area that ACS is keen to explore is a residential programme for the special needs students at ACS (Independent) and Barker Road boarding schools. It will help them to learn to live independently in a community and offer some respite to their parents, said Mr Seow.

The committee is aware of the resources and trained educators needed, he said. The plan is to start small and get the programmes right, he added.