Starting bottle at 6 months?


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hi mummies!!

I need some advice.. as i am returning to work in a few months time, i would have to search for alternative method of feeding my baby.

He's currently 6 months and he is direct bf all the time. I doubt he can manage cup as he is just starting his solids.

So... do i try out the bottle with him? Which type of teats to use?

Or do i try cup feeding instead?

Thank you for all your help!! :)


Your baby reject bottle? My friends baby reject bottle at 4 months but after my friend went back to work, her bb is too hungry to reject and eventually drink from it. It takes several weeks of heartache hearing baby cry n cry. She wrote to LC at mount Alvernia and they recommend Medela bottle teat.


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thank you milkshake. i'll try the medela calma. =)

lyra: nope, i have not tried the bottle with him.. but the way he vomits his milk when he had his Rotavirus vaccine, i suspect he will not take the bottle easily. So i thought of simplifying the process and getting one that it'll be easier on him.
Sigh.. didnt want to start him on the bottle, but it looks like i do not have a choice. I'll get the teats over the weekend and try it on him. thank you!


Yea u can transfer your free to choose what kind of bottle just try any kind whats fit on you and you comfortable with it.