Sticky white stuff around my baby girl virginal

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  1. Kaysan

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    Hi. When me and my wife were cleaning our newborn baby girl, we notice that's this sticky white stuff surrounding our baby girl's virginal. It's underneath her labia. Is this norm? Should we clean it away asap? It's really causing alot of discomfort for my girl when we are trying to wipe it away. Thanks.
  2. gumbokins

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    I believe that white stuff is protects the baby's skin while in the womb. You don't have to purposely clean it away, especially since it's causing discomfort to your daughter. The vernix will eventually disappear with subsequent diaper changes and baths.
  3. Kxmum

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    It's actually virginal discharge. You can read more on Looking at Your Newborn: What's Normal
    Goto Page 7.

    Should clean but no need to be extremely clean, I just lightly clean away the discharge using baby wipes. For my gal, the discharge can be quite thick almost like lumpy texture, I just clean away the big chunks.. This will eventually disappear..I didn't see any discharge after my gal's full mth :)
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