Stop bf , do I need to give formula for 1 yr baby?


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Dear mommies,

My boy is going 1 year next month so I m thinking to stop express my BM at work and maybe nurse him only at night,

Oh ya baby is eating solid food already,
Should I give him formula at day time ? How much formula
intake for 1 year baby? And how long should a kid drink formula milk?

Can I give him condense milk ?

Please advise.



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I stopped BF-ing when my girl turned 13.5 months with no nursing at night.
She now relies on my EBM reserves (maybe can last her for another 2 months on 3 bottles/day) and FM or fresh milk.
I've introduced fresh milk to her since she turned one, and so far she's okay with it. so i give either FM or fresh milk.


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if your baby is coping fine with regular solid foods, there is no real nutritional need to provide fm or fresh milk. None of my kids took fm or fresh milk til they were much older and asked for it themselves (in other words, they could talk and decide stuff already).

as for condensed milk... please don't offer that to your child. As far as I know, there is little to no nutritional value apart from lots of sugar.