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Can cooked porridge be stored in fridge? Thinking of cooking more then put into small tub for my baby's meal.


I cook in bulk (5 days' worth), put into containers, freeze. When it's time for meals, I will steam the porridge to heat it up.


I cook in bulk (5 days' worth), put into containers, freeze. When it's time for meals, I will steam the porridge to heat it up.
hi diymummy,

would like to know if we should cool the cooked porridge till it's warm then freeze it or freeze it when it's pipping hot??

i wanted to try doing that but my mom has been telling me that it's not good for the baby..

when thawing the porridge in the fridge, how long does it takes?? or do we have to thaw it, can it be put to steam straight from the freezer??


Hi suicul,

I don't let the porridge cool too much because I don't want the surface form a film. You know when you leave porridge to cool there's like a layer of film on top of it? I didn't want that to form so I freeze the porridge as fast as possible. Not to mention that bacteria growth will begin to occur... So it's best to freeze asap.

I have a dedicated drawer in my freezer for hot food. Once it is frozen, I transfer the food to other drawers in the freezer. This is so that the heat don't thaw the other food that is inside the freezer.

Most old folks don't recommend because they believe that it introduces wind into the baby's tummy? Well, my son's ok so far... The old folks will say problems will surface in future but well... I don't know abt that..

Sometimes I will thaw in the fridge before steaming. Sometimes I will steam straight from the freezer. If I thaw it in the fridge, I will thaw it overnight.

When I steam, I steam abt half an hr for it to be hot from frozen state. If already thawed in fridge, I steam for 20 min.
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I don't store porridge for my son, I usually will cook for him daily....for his dinner since infant care provide porridge for lunch

To me, I find that once you store food it might not be that fresh anymore, that's my opinion....


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for all my kids i froze the porridge.Takes me abt 2-3 hrs to cook it n i cant do it everyday.Freeze it when its warm rather than expose it to the air for so long.When its time to eat i microwave it.Kids grew up strong n healthy so i dont think lose of nutrients is an issue for my kids.


Sometimes I'll cook more and store also. So during those rush or busy time, can just take and heat up. But I usually store porridge cooked in stock then during heating, will add in those vege puree that has been frozen also. Must thaw 1st then add in.


i sound out my MIL today and she was so shocked (?!)about it and insist cooking daily for Louis is no problem for her and also pureed fruits etc... Hehe... I'm of cos fine with it. hehe :p

How long can the frozen porridge be kept? Cos if I were to do it, he'll only be eating sat and sun cos wkdays he'll be with MIL. Otherwise, i think will also be cooking it daily when the time comes.


An advice from PD and read from 'First Food' recipes book.

Porridge is best served freshly prepared. Extra porridge can be kept in the fridge for one to two days at the most.


diymummy - so same goes for fish/meat porridge...?
I don't usually put meat and fish in the porridge before freezing. I freeze my porridge plain so that I can have a choice of what to serve up that day. My boy gets bored with the same fare everyday.


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our baby gets fresh porridge every day. during weekdays, my mum cooks. on weekends, we also cook on both days. cook once in the morning - good for lunch and dinner for that day. it's not time-consuming to cook porrdige at all. just take a look from time to time and stir to make sure the porridge won't get overcooked and stick to the pot. we usually cook more. any leftovers that baby can't finish, hubby and i will finish it up. but then again, our baby is a huge eater. he eats almost an adult portion of porridge per meal!


My helper cooks porridge daily. Prep time is abt 20-30 min in all cos we use rice powder. It is quite yummy as she cooks it in a tanyu clay pot. She'll fish out the veg after cooking & blend or chop those into small bits.

She prepares white & brown rice powder every week. She washes & dries rice grains before grinding in blender. The rice powder is stored in fridge. Now the powder is ground coarsely cos baby prefers lumpy porridge.

I think there's no harm freezing porridge if stored properly. Blending porridge may intro more wind. Then again, purees are blended & frozen. Rice is just carbo, right?

Since I got helper, I give baby freshly-prepared food everyday loh. If not, I've got to freeze food too; otherwise, no time for any sleep. My mother doesn't involve herself w my baby cos she's too busy (& tired) taking care of my nieces.