Stretch mark creams

Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by Janellebb, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. babymummy39

    babymummy39 New Member

    Wow, Clarins seems exp. I purchase Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil @ $39.90 only.
  2. Maria Laubach

    Maria Laubach New Member

    I heard about Dermalmd Stretch Mark Cream from my friends and I believe Dermalmd Stretch Mark Cream works in fading stretch marks and scars. You will have the greatest results massaging into your skin twice a day as stated on the product... Regardless, it makes me feel special; like I am doing something for myself.
  3. dloreangel

    dloreangel Member

    wah good good. i will go buy my clarins to use then!
  4. MummyTalk

    MummyTalk New Member

  5. Emily Paddington

    Emily Paddington New Member

    hello! While pregnant I used dermalMd treatment for stretch marks and it helped me to prevent them and it also helped to moisturize my skin :)
  6. tiinaelise

    tiinaelise New Member

    I am also using Palmer Cocoa Butter Cream for my stretch marks. I got it free from Cradle of Love free goodie bag. You can also register for free goodie bag with Cradle of Love for free products and vouchers too.

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