Stretch Mark Lotion

I've just started with olive oil and then might add in bio oil too.

But my doctor has adviced against palmer oil, as she says that in some cases, females develop some allergies to it.


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I am in my first trim, and my tummy area gets itchy nowadays. So itchy that I scratched till got scar.
Is it becos my tummy is starting to stretch? Is it time for me to apply stretch mark lotion?


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How about Gentle Baby Essential Oil from Young Living? It's supposedly really good for stretch marks as a ton of other things. Can also be used for babies for diaper rash and other maladies so it's definitely worth the price since it multitasks.


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I also used Bio-Oil. Had stretch marks with baby #1. Used it while prego with #2. Still have them pesky marks though! :001_07: