Students should really just take a break during the school holidays

It appears that kids these days are always trying to suss out part-time jobs whilst waiting for the release of exam results or during their year end holidays. I find this trend particularly worrying.

As a student, his/her academics takes top priority, even more so in Singapore where the education system is so unforgivingly competitive. I've witnessed more than a handful getting drawn into the hustle culture where they habitually overwork themselves during the regular school term/semester to the point of near exhaustion, to the point where it becomes a "lifestyle". So why still grind away instead of properly resting up when it's time to do so (assuming you or your family are not in any dire financial need)?

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With the upcoming school holidays, it’s time to start planning some fun activities to spend quality time with your children. Are you unsure what to do with your children in Singapore? We’ve got you covered with a lot of activities to do!

September Holidays: 3 September – 11 September
End of School Year Holidays: 19 November – 31 December

It’s time to arrange some fun activities for you and your children to enjoy together over the upcoming school vacations! Check out Singapore’s kid-friendly attractions here! We’ve got you covered with a few options for you to choose from! Here are a few places you and your child can visit together:

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