Sugar-free Food and Sugar Substitutes


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I was wondering if any of you have any idea on Sugar-Free Food and/or sugar substitutes.

Have heard that there are nice-tasting sugar-free food, like biscuits and cookies that are selling overseas, but can't seem to be able to find them here. Also, is the sugar substitutes used in those products ok for consumption?

And have anyone tried using sugar subsitutes (like Splenda and Xylitol) in your cooking?

Btw, it seems like quite few people here are really actively looking out for sugarfree products.
Goh Lang Eng
I like to drink a cup of Aromantic with a little sugar every morning. From the Kuala Lumpur Distributor training in March this year, I learnt that E-SWEET is made from stevia extract, a natural sweetener, and maltodextrin. It is low-calorie and will not cause weight gain. I added the door gift of 2 packets of E-SWEET into Aromantic and loved its sweet, rich taste. My children and I have since added E-SWEET to fruit juice and other beverages to enhance their taste.


hi diodes

i used to do my own cookies using sugar substitutes like equal or splenda. However, I've heard that splenda is better and more naturale compared to Equal. It's quite easy, I normally just add according to taste. Alternatively, if I make things like kueh which normally requires large amounts of coconut milk and sugar, i cut them down by diluting the coconut milk with water (e.g. if the recipe calls for 800ml of coconut milk, i use 400ml + 400ml of water). I wouldn't overdo on the sugar-free method, moderation is key to anything.

2 years ago when I was a fitness freak (now pregnant so can't really go gym everyday), I would snack on sugar-free jello which contains 10kcal and 0 sugar. They were great as afternoon snack when I wanted something sweet. You can get sugar-free jello from most supermarkets, if not places like Marketplace. One box cost around $3 but makes about 10 tupperwares (small) of jello which you can store in the fridge.

i also made Strawberry Jello Cheesecake the low fat/sugar free version by substituting with Equal sugar, tasted awesome to me! You can try the recipe here on my blog.

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I haven't tried those. I'm using natvia. It taste like sugar and very healthy. It is great for baking and cooking. It also complements tea very well.
Sugar substitutes are sweeteners that you use instead of regular table sugar (sucrose). Artificial sweeteners are just one type of sugar substitute.


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I use honey. Or just fresh fruits, depending on what you want to bake or cook. I don't have any sugar at home, because it affects my eczema kids very badly.