Super good confinement lady - Aunty Windy.


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My friend recommended me Aunty Windy. She's a lifesaver. I hired her after firing another terrible CL after one week. (long story).

Aunty Windy the most amazing nanny I have ever seen or heard of.

1) Cooking
Her cooking is absolutely the best! Everyday different dishes, different soups. From morning until night, I was never hungry. Sometimes my mother in law drop by just to taste her cooking. Even invited her friends over to eat. She didn't charge us for all this extra cooking because we had a maid who helped her with food preparation and cleaning. We still felt bad, because we know agency do charge for extra cooking. Extra work means extra fee, that's reasonable to us. So we gave her a big red packet when she left us.

2) Baby
She never for once complain or anything, my baby cries all the time, it stressed me out so much. But she never once sighed or anything. Even at night she would get up instantly and soothe the baby. I had CCTV installed. She never left my baby unattended. If she needs to go out for groceries or to the toilet or cook, she would hand the baby to me or my husband. She also gave me a lot of advice, taught me, my husband and my maid how to take care of the baby.

3) Attitude
She never show black face, always smiling and not the traditional type aunty. Like the naggy and must follow my way type of aunty. Whatever she do, she will ask if it's okay with me first. Very easy going person, never gossip with my maid also.

4) Experience
She has 30 years of experience. and she's only 51 y/o.

Before she left she explained and showed me, my husband and my maid everything again just to make sure we will be ok after she left. She made my life so much easier, she's such a positive person, never for once say negative things, always positive no matter what. Once I broke down and cried in toilet because I dislike how I look like now. She comforted me like my own mum.

I wanted to extend her but too bad she already took up another job, also in Singapore. I heard she's booked to Australia next year for 2 months, not sure which month. Anyone interested can contact her directly +60165112218. Quote my name Mei Ling say it's my friend. I really wish her all the best.