Survey: 42% of Restaurants in S’pore Cannot Last for Another Month of ‘Circuit Breaker’

Before 19 May when people thought that the Circuit Breaker is ending on 2 June 2020:

When all this is over, I’m going to find a really nice restaurant and celebrate. No more home-cooked food or sub optimal takeaway food. Let’s go somewhere and really enjoy seriously awesome fare.

Quite sorry to burst your bubble, but almost half of the restaurants you’re thinking of patronizing might not make it past June.

Because as you probably already know, Singapore is moving into Phase One post Circuit Breaker, and dine-in is still not allowed – so you can call it a PCB (Phase-One Circuit Breaker lah; what were you thinking?).

And restaurants are bawling.

Survey by Chope: Deliveries and Takeaways Not Helping

The surge in FoodPanda deliveries and people making a beeline for McDonald‘s might have given you the impression that the local F&B industry is doing just fine, but the truth couldn’t be further from that.

Chope surveyed 150 dining establishments after the circuit breaker period started, and found that 42% wouldn’t be able to operate beyond two months on account of present operating costs and revenues.

FYI, takings at the till have plunged to near rock bottom for majority during the CCB period (Continuous Circuit Breaker – what were you thinking again?).

81% can’t last beyond six months.

What about deliveries?! They must have been doing something, right?