swimming gadget for 2year old


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for fellow mums out there i'm selling our Brand new Konfidence Swim Jacket
Pink/Purple, 2-3 years old, 15-20kg.
Original price in Mothercare is 89SGD. Selling only 55SGD.
Selling because it can't fit on my Baby. Good for babies for them to avoid swallowing chlorine and they have the freedom to learn to swim. Call 81387800.
I constantly travel with my family around the world, I have 2 children and one of them is now only a year and a half. I am a crazy fisherman and I love fishing the head just possible. Of course, I take my family with me and we use a kayak and an important element is a life jacket for children and me, this site tells more, this is exactly on the topic of the branch. When swimming children do not need much to be in fear, provide yourself and your family with comfortable and high-quality equipment and everything will be fine