Swimwear / tankini


For yourself or for your kids?

Today I was surfing at Singapore Motherhood bulk purchase forum and there's a thread selling ladies swim wear. You might want to check it out.


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hmmm actually many places do sell.
what is your budget range?? n also, what is considered, nice to u???


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Try www.summerbikini.blogspot.com

I bought from them before and their material is very good and not expensive at all! Intro by one of the mummies at Motherhood forum.


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Yup, I know one place Blush Couture where you can find the best swimwear or beachwear at very reliable price. I also purchased one beachwear from this store few days back. That beachwear is very hot and sexy white in color bought just at A$59.99.

I think this price is very good for this lovely and beautiful beachwear. I liked it very much and all my friends have also praised me for this beautiful beachwear.

Have a look to my beautiful white sexy Beachwear..................

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