TCM Lactation Consultant (breastfeeding)

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    Hi mummies

    I guess many mummies also don't know that there is TCM Lactation Consultant in Singapore.

    TCM Lactation Acupressure is a kind of breastfeeding massage in TCM way for breastfeeding mummy facing low or over supply of breastfeeding milk.

    Personally, I would recommend doctor Shana.
    She won't give up in encouraging you to breastfeed your baby.

    She is a TCM Lactation consultant and TCM Physician.

    Suggest you make appointment at 9 864 864 7 OR 6280 3467 before going to her clinic to reduce waiting time.

    You can know more about her at the links below:

    Clinic - Singapore TCM Confinement & Lactation Consultation
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    Thank you for sharing this information. Really need some ways to boost my breast milk!

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