TCM Slimming, Is it for Real?


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Hey mummies,

I have tried MANY slimming products services like herbalife, panbesy, bottomslim, Dora etc etc. All doesnt work for me. Waste a lot of $$. I recently have been seeing a TCM doc cause of my lack of energy, poor health and constant blackouts/pressure in head and he said that I have been poisoning my body :/:elvis:

He issued me some medicine and I have to say, i really feel my energy coming back. So personally i know TCM works.:001_302:

BUT BUT BUT, does TCM SLIMMING work? Im very keen to try cause i do believe in TCM now, but i dont know if the slimming part works or not. When i ask my practitioner, he said my body is too weak, can't go for slimming yet. Anyone heard of that advice before?

Cause since I started TCM, i stopped all my dieting/metabolism pills etc and have gained back 2kg in 3 months :( Super Sian. I don't want to wait until I put on like 10kg before starting slimming treatments TCM style. So i did some research and I saw LFI, Absolute Slimming and Slim Couture. All TCM based but the last 2 have no bad reviews while the first actually have some reviews where ppl say they wasted a lot of money on it.

Any thoughts? Do they really work? I'm so sick of feeling poorly about myself. I want my confidence back!
i think if he suggests that you avoid slimming for now, then its best to go with his advice.. Maybe he feels your body too "xu" to go through slimming?

I dont believe in those before and after pics already.. Anyway most clinics are not allowed to advertise before & after pictures based on the new MOH ruling. Best go for lipo!


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Really? Omg, ill go check up on the MOH rules.

Lipo?? I scared. People have died from lipo before, plus i heard recovery hurts like hell. I mean, u just got ur fats sucked out from you! What about flabby skin when u remove the fats? How much is Lipo anyway
I think after the reports on 2 deaths, MOHH released a rule about not sucking out more than 1litre of fats? or was it 500g? Im going for a consultation for lipo and fat freeze nx week at this aesthetics clinic.. will update all~


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How did the consultation go? I heard that fat freezing is not for all, but the results (if works) are AMAZING.

I asked my TCM practitioner and he says he does slimming but will only recommend it to me when he thinks im "ready". So when I actually start, I'll update u guys again.

If anyone has any experience, please share!!


tried slim couture, absolute effective, not only on ur weight but ur whole body shape as well! 200/session. Hv done 10 sessions. Lost 4kg in 1 mth plus 2.5 inches off waist hello!! Left 6 to go but I need to travel till july. Letting go at 1.1k plus I've to top up another 80 bucks as trsf fee. Anyone keen msg 96479022 yah.


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Okay just had my first 2 session with the TCM slimming programme. He says minimum 10 sessions to see the results, preferably go twice a week, so see how it will be in a month's time. Hmm, overall, i feel a little more tired than normal, which he warned me for cause of increased metabolism. And im glad to report that the acupuncture didnt hurt one bit!! Just a little uncomfortable, but didnt hurt!

Singapore2010, How was ur lipo???


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Ms Chua

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Utterly disappointed with Slim Couture. Not as effective as I thought.
1) Compulsory to take up 8 sessions, only lost 1kg after first 2 sessions. From 3rd session to 6th session, weight remained constant. Somemore on the 6th session, staff took my measurement, weight didn’t drop as compared to previous session, she told me to skip the session instead, go home and control diet, then come back again. But I insisted to do because it was a waste of time to travel all the way there yet not get anything done. Isn’t it weird?
Firstly, the treatments are supposed to help you lose weight, but when she saw no weight loss, she told me to go back and control diet. If so, why do I still need to go Slim Couture?
Secondly, when I insisted, they did my treatment for me. However, after the session, staff asked me if I wanna sign more sessions, cuz I’m only left with 2 sessions, explaining that there’s not much time left to reach my ideal weight. I told her to let me consider, and she said if I want to continue, MUST let her know by next session.
To be honest, I felt it was a sales technique, because given my results, it would be difficult for her to persuade me to take up more sessions, thus she wanted to make sure there was weight loss (so asked me to go home and control diet, lolol seriously pay money for nothing)

2) Please note that I did follow the diet plan. According to the staff, the reason why my weight didn’t drop is because I was supposed to only eat till 70% full. And I was taught 70% full means after eating respective meals, I am supposed to drink a cup of water immediately, yet still feel slightly hungry. If I feel full, means it’s more than 70% full. So bear in mind, if you do sign up for weight loss treatment with Slim Couture, you have to feel hungry everyday for at least a month ah (8 sessions, twice a week, means 4 weeks)
I only ate 2 pieces of whole meal bread for breakfast, veggies and chicken/fish for lunch (no rice, no noodles, no fried food) and fruits(kiwi and papaya) for dinner.

3) Oh yes, and promotions are so exclusive, I saw staff asking another customer to share their post and tag 3 friends for $120 discount over the counter. But it was not offered to all customers (including me) So, Slim Couture is not very “transparent”

4) I’m still left with 2 sessions and I’ve decided to not go back anymore. It’s $220 per session, I’d rather “throw $440 into the sea” than waste more time and feel the stress to reject taking up more sessions.

5) And be prepared to have bruises all over your body. I mean I am ok with that and it’s expected cuz of all the guasa and cupping. But the bruises are really quite jialat, bruises were much more serious after first few treatments, too bad, I didn’t take photo.
The place is considered clean, staffs are quite friendly. But results really not there, not value for what I paid.