Teen aka young mummies.


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Ok! Waiting for Vailey to add me in but I will PM you my number too, see which one of you fast hand fast leg add me first. XD


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Hello, I'm 19 this year. Nice to see a group like this, at least I'm not so alone. EDD this coming April


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Bumping up this thread! :D

Tested positive Thursday and just confirmed at poly clinic yesterday. This is my first pregnancy.

My mum didn't take it we'll though (I'm 23 btw, not sure if that's considered young) and she's not talking to me since I told her, and it makes me miserable and sleepless. Hubby and I have already ROM in 2012, waiting for house but haven't done customary.

Any other young mummies here who can share their experience on breaking the news to their parents? My mum ignoring me is making me completely miserable, hahaha.