The best place to get baby items?


Buying baby items soon!

Does any mummies know where's the best place to get most or all the items at only one destination? :we2cute:


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i tink u can go to few places to get e items cos if going to 1 place to get is damn ex loh, like clothes u can go to some places to get, den others can just go NTUC loh.. if u getting together in a place sure veri ex.. like kiddy palace, e clothes dere is sooo ex.. somemore newborn baby veri fast out grow de i tink kinda waste to buy dere.. but still up to urself lah.. =)


Haha. i also think so. baby's clothes i don't think getting more already. got alot le. only left with milk bottles, bath tubs, etc. and those items i needed to pack to hosp.


I just checked out BB kindom and Hypermart. Found that the items sold @ BB kindom can actually be found at departmental store. I feel that the prices are comparable with the departmental store ... hence did not buy anything from there as I may be able to get items at a cheaper rate if I wait for the periodic sales @ the major departmental store.

On the other hand, found that the strollers sold @ BB Hypermart are more competitive and u won't find these kind of prices at the departmental store. Hence if I want to buy strollers, I would go there and buy.

I have finally brought my baby playpen cum bassinet @ Graco Distribution Centre @ Tagore Lane. Saw that they also carry the distributionship for Aprica Stroller and the prices they give seems to be rather competitive too. Hence if anyone wants to buy Aprica strollers, I would recommend that you pay them a visit.


stuffs to pack for the hospital stay u can get from KKH,items like sanitary pads and liners(for the bed) are cheaper.items provided by hospital only 1 pack and usually not enough to use if ur stay is more than 2 or 3 days,can chk them out first la :001_302:kiddy palace can try to get their % card,well to me better than no % mah.can lend u mine if u want,me live in yishun....can meet at bishan or any other palces with kiddy palace my e-mail and MSN:tlaugh:


Baby kingdom & Hypermart are good when you are buying big items. As for small items, Kiddy Palace still the best place.


Mothercare.Everything from A-Z.Little bit pricey but worth to buy.Gd quality.:red:
Kiddy palace.Oso gd.Affordable price.:red::Dancing_tongue:


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due to my curiosity and enthusiasm with my first born, I ended up buying my stuff from all over the place - Bb Kingdom/Hypermart@Kaki Bukit, mothercare, kiddy palace, tom&stephanie, major dept stores, ntuc!

my conclusion that aprt from MC (which offers better quality stuff), the other places can offer reasonable prices for most expendables, esp during sales in the case of john little for e.g.

On the longer term basis, if you intend to buy from one particular pl on a recurrent basis, it is worth getting their VIP card ($10), which entitles you to a 10% discount on selected items. (diapers usually not incl, as prices are controlled. wait for sale at NTUC)

i hv the kiddy palace as well as tom & stephanie cards. the former, my hubby can use to pick up stuff there as the KP marina outlet is near his workplace while i use T&S as there is an outlet near my home...

my two cents' worth! :001_302: