[The Food Dossier] Ah Huay's Dry Laksa

If at first you don't succeed, try taking a stab at something different - in the case of Xavier Teo and Jacky Luong, make that going completely off tangent. After their neophyte Ci Yuan Hawker Centre-based stall (formerly Tamako Ramen-Ya) countenanced an extended lull in business, the duo decided Japanese ain't gonna cut it no more, so switched altogether to churning out dry laksa (ie traditional "wet" laksa accorded the stir-fry treatment) they did. Not just any plebeian dry laksa though, but one predicated on Mr Luong's grandma's Penangite recipe putatively honed during her bygone pushcart days. Boy oh boy, guess their gamble has reaped dividends, seeing as teeming customer queues are fast becoming routine.

Ah Huay’s Dry Laksa opens daily from 11am-2pm, 6pm-9pm except Mondays. Titular dish ($5/$8) being sold aside, various amuse-gueules emblematic of its predecessor get dangled prominently too, like mini tako, tori karaage, ebi furai amongst a quintet.

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