The stork has arrived with our angel ~Avril~


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The Story so far

30 March

Went for routine check up. Water level at 3.4. Doctor wants me to be admitted and induced asap.

First Pill was inserted at 9pm. Strapped to CTG machine. baby's heartbeat strong.

31 March.
Dilated slightly. Thus 2nd pill was then inserted in at 2pm. Went again to the delivery suite at 10pm. Contractions at every 5 mins interval. So they say "wait and see"

1 April
Dilated by 1cm but no more contractions, nurse says pill effects wearing off. 3rd Pill inserted in at 2pm. Mucous plug fell out. Dilated by about 1-2cm. Cervix very soft.

By my next appointment time at 10pm, contactions (menstrual like cramps and backaches) were getting more intense and regular. Contractions at about 5 mins apart. 4th Pill inserted in.

Couldn't take the pain any longer, opted for injection in the leg. Slept for about 2 hours.

Woke up in pain. Nurse came in and checked that I was 3cm dilated. Wanted epi. However, in the time span of 10 mins, I dilated from 3cm to fully opened so no chance, (i was asking if I can start pushing already, rest of the night was a blur, everything was related to me by hubby). Used laughing gas and crushed hubby's hand at the same time. Nurse rushed out to find reinforcements, waterbag burst while she was out.

After threats by the nurses that if I don't start pushing and using all my strength to do so, they'll need to resort to using assisted delivery which is use of the forceps and vaccum. baby's heartbeat was fluctuating very rapidly, everyone was worried about the baby's heartbeat as the CTG registered that her heartbeat can be very very low. However, she finally slipped out, cried a little, then stopped.Didn't even cry while she was being vaccinated. Doctor came and declared that her lungs and heartbeat is very strong, so the nurses said that the CTG machine must be faulty. Was very alert throughout the whole time in the warmer and while she was being wheeled to the nursery.My dad ambushed her at the entrance of the delivery suite.

Just one look at her, I finally understand what is unconditional love, for someone whom I had never met, never talk to before.

We were finally discharged on the 2 April :shyxxx:
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Thanks you all so much !!

Though life has pretty much turn topsy turvey, but wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.


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Thanks MOMMIES!!~~ ^^

The wait was unbearable!!~~ haha. I keep worrying if she's alright in there and if its something that I had fact I wanted her out sooner so that I know that she's ok. Now that she's out, I want her back in!~ haha. Kind of miss those days when she's all mine. Nowadays, all she has to do is to whimper and everyone rushed to her.