There is life beyond grades


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Hi Parents,

Please take some time to fill up this questionnaire so that we can gauge your expectations of your children when it comes to their education. We are working towards changing the landscape of Singapore's education system and your responses would help us tailor our communications plan. You can also get your children to fill up the questionnaire if they are in secondary school or tertiary education.

Thank you for your time!

Survey links below: -
For teens and young adults aged 13-25:
For parents:

William Doo

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I am not sure that such studies help to improve education. I read more and more news about problems in education. It's depressing. By the way, all who study at school or Institute will be useful to check the paper for plagiarism. Just go to the free service, paste the text into the empty field to check paper for plagiarism and you will instantly get the result.