Things to do in Singapore for family bonding time/birthday parties!


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Hi all,

Was just wondering if you guys know if any fun places to be at during the weekends or school holidays. The places i've been to are Sentosa ( Outdoor and adventure) and some other random places like Airzone(indoor adventure), time zone at city square mall. The kids love the place at Airzone and sentosa was great with the Luge, Mega Adventure, and all the other attractions.

You guys might want to check out AIRZONE, a ‘world first’ suspended playground concept that brings fun into a new dimension for the young and the young at heart. This is set within the all-weather comfort of City Square Mall. It's good family bonding too!

Their website is at! If you guys have 10 pax and more you can get a discount through the group booking sessions, kids absolutely love it. They also host birthday parties and have special packages for them too.

Kids who are at the age of 6 and below, are required to be supervised by an adult with a ratio of 1 adult to 10 kids.
The team is also available on the nets should any participant require assistance with the activities.
Find out more on their conditions of entry at

The publish rates for ticket purchases are at $20.
But if you do group bookings you can get discounts especially with more people in your party.

Would love to hear from all you mummies out there!


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Children Floristry (Floral arrangement) workshops, Slime making workshops, Children Sewing workshops, Japanese mochi making, dumpling making, cookie decoration and lots more!!!

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Our workshops are not just art and craft lessons - They are enriching experiences filled with fun and imaginative! Crammed with interesting, creative hands on activities, Create For Fun workshops are designed for children of all ages, to engage their creative minds and busy hands to create wonderful creations that they will be proud of and leaving them with fun filled memories.

Whether you are looking to host that special Birthday Party, go for an enriching Holiday Program or organize a School Event, Create For Fun can help you make it extra special.

The team at Create For Fun will go to any party venue, create a pop-up class and conduct classes to your guests!

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To all friends and families in Punggol, our private outings and group activities will be announced at . Do support our neighbourhood.