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Discussion in 'Singapore Food Guide' started by Ashbaby, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Ashbaby

    Ashbaby Active Member

    Any recommendation for tingkat lunch(1 pax) and dinner(2 pax).
  2. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    LOL! Looks like your arrangement was the same as mine....

    You live in East or West?

    Depending on the caterer, some don't deliver to either the east or west.

    For 1 pax lunch I catered from Jessie's catering. Not too bad larr... They use ikan billis a lot in frying vege.

    For dinner, I've tried a few...
    (1) House of catering - Not bad. Quite big portions
    (2) First cuisine - The worst of the worst! Bad service, comes late and tastes awful. Soup is always loaded with msg.
    (3) Jessie catering - Ok.. If you try the lunch, you'd know what to expect for dinner
    (4) Kim's kitchen - Prob the best of the lot. Tastes pretty homecooked but some dishes not too nice. Overall still ok.

    Want to try: Neo garden Tinkat.

    For now, hubs and I taking a break from tinkat. Nothing beats our own cooking.
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  3. sugarcookie

    sugarcookie Active Member

    I tried Mom's Cooking for lunch. Food was ok, portions ok too. Service was good.

    But it was terribly expensive! $265 for 20 days and just for ONE pax! I stopped after a while.

    Now I just eat a sandwich or make a simple meal for lunch.

    I get tingkat dinner from Kim's Kitchen though. Portions are ok and food is not too bad.

    I've tried Lexin Catering (TERRIBLE!) and Neo Garden (food sucks IMO).
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  4. Ashbaby

    Ashbaby Active Member

    Tks I'll keep them in mind. Hows their charges like?
  5. Oppsgal

    Oppsgal Member

    Have try two tingkat before. One for confinement another is normal dish.

    Eat until sick of the taste. Rather go tabao by ownself or ask hubby do. The confinement tingkat, everyday taste almost same. The normal tingkat come so early for lunch at 10am! Then by the time I eat is all cold.

    Not so good.
  6. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Hi Ashbaby,

    The charges are between $170-$190. Most are about $190. Jessie was $160+ but after GST was $170+ :) Prices are for twin dining.

    Lunch I can't remember liaoo.. All of them have websites. You can check out their websites.
  7. mar_mum

    mar_mum Member

    Jessie's no good. Once I found a rubberband in their vege!

    Anyone tried KCK???
  8. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    When I stayed in hostel I've tried many caterings but can't rmb which ones already. All so-so only.

    What I did was to order the tingkat for Mon, Wed and Thu. Tue & Fri I go out or go to hostel's canteen to eat.
  9. eostruly

    eostruly Alpha Male

    My family has been on Tingkat service for many years with different tingkat providers. The worse tingkat service we've had is from The House of Catering ...
    1. Always late - we waited till 7.30pm then they arrive.
    2. Always forget to include rice despite complaints to the office - their solution was to refund the 50c for rice.
    3. The delivery guy just hang the tingkat lop-sided at the main gate and my door entrance is always wet with oily soup spilled from the tingkat.
    4. The boss has a very bad attitude and refused refunds even though they fail to deliver as what was paid in full at the beginning - I feel like it's a con-job, never had such problems with other tingkat suppliers before.
  10. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    I'm ordering from Empire Food and like it so far. My cousin also started tingkat dinners with them and like their food.

    my review with pics here: The Little Ones in My Life
  11. Queenbabe

    Queenbabe Well-Known Member

    Stonston, i also thinking of ordering tingkat. I went to their website & check the menu & it have alot of choices from week 1-4. Can chose from the dishes or just eat whatever they deliver?:001_302:
  12. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    You have to eat what they deliver, but their menu changes daily.

    So far I've nvr heard of Tingkat where you can choose menu.
  13. littlemoomoo

    littlemoomoo Member

    The house of Catering Food is actually from Empire Food but the charge $5 more. I discovered that when i order lunch from House of Catering and dinner from Empire food, the menu is the same. When i call up Empire food to skip one of my dinner days, they actually asked me skip lunch or dinner. I agree House of catering service is bad so after that i order directly from Empire food.
    Foodwise there's no msg and food quite palatable but i had their meals for 1 year and the menu din change much, after a while you will kinda get sick of it. But overall it is more affordable than other caterers and the food is at least clean.
    I tried one of the caterers in Bedok really CMI! Told them no spicy and seafood but keeps giving me spicy food and i found insect and worm on separate occasions in the veggie (the insects are not that small until they will miss out washing). Their menu looks fantastic but food and service sux.
    I think most impt is to have well prepared food.
  14. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    Many caterers share the same kitchen to save costs.
    It's common practice. My parents also started on tingkat dinner w Empire food & they like it. Not long term arrangment cos their new maid arrived a week ago :)
  15. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    just started NEO catering 10 trail, the food is still ok but the portion ablit small, soup salty, think will change
  16. SY2

    SY2 New Member

    vege in tingkat + cafe in action


    I'm interested in ordering tingkat with no/minimal msg and crispy veges (not overcooked/soggy). Do you have any recommendation? What about empire foods, mom's cooking & hilltop?

    Also, is there any feedback on cafe in action tingkat?

    Thank you very much!
  17. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    Re: vege in tingkat + cafe in action

    i now ordering from kim kitchen, food is nice still ordering
  18. JP12

    JP12 New Member

    Re: vege in tingkat + cafe in action

    Hi I would like to try Trial from Kim's kitchen. How much is their trial? Only 5 days? Do they have trial for 10days?
  19. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    Re: vege in tingkat + cafe in action

    i never take the trail order directly

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