toddler displaying sense of insecurity

Hi mummies,my 22month old toddler recently have been waking up middle of the night and crying. Has been going on for more than 2 weeks now. Before that,she was able to sleep soundly throughout the night. And during normal daytime, she seem to display sense of insecurity and starts crying when we move out of her sight. She wasn't like this before. She goes to full day childcare. Teacher did not highlight any incident that has happened lately and she's not unwilling to go to school. Anyone has any idea what I should do to help my girl regain her usual self? Thanks in advance!


My daughter just turned 3 YO and she has been v sticky with me.
I have just delivered #2 (son).

My daughter has also been feeling v insecure lately.
Every morning I will come up with stories, ie:
1) Can you push this trolley to por por hse for por por pls. Mommy will wait here for you. Pls come bk soon ya.
2) Por por is at the market, let's go and help her pick up the vegetables (then I will find excuse to escape while in the lift)
3) Can you help to bring your baby(a baby doll wrapped up with #2 swaddle) to por por to take care. Mommy cannot take care of 2 babies.
4) Can you help mommy buy some ice cream back pls. (gives her 20 cents to hold)

These are the little tricks I need to come up with every morning to make her move out of the hse to go school.
I oso have issue asking her to put on her uniform...but if she doesn't want to put on her uniform then I will ask teacher to help in childcare.
I communicate alot with her teachers because I want them to know what is happening to her at hm and at the same time what is happening to her in sch.

What upsets me the most is one night she cried out: "Mommy! mommy!" and started crying.
I supposed it is because of #2. She prob feel mom prefer to carry didi than her but it is not the case. I had csect and cannot carry my #1 who is over 10 over kg. The last time i carried her when I was 5 mths, I had major bleeding and was hospitalised.


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Hi apricotgem,

My toddler 2 years plus also face the same problems, i have a twins boys when they started going to full day child care at first he came back home still will eat his normal food but after he caught HFMD and when he recover he tends to scare for eg: dont want to drink milk nor eating and normal food he been getting and its been pass 1 week plus. But whenever we spoke to the teacher in the child care they been saying he's good eating well open mouth let them feed which puzzle me and my wife even my domestic helper is also surprise by what the teacher says.

Anyone got any remedy to help calm or ease child scared ? Sort of like kana frighten.

Hi mummies,thanks for the replies. To solve my gal's problem, we brought her to see Chinese physician. Doctor told us she has lots of wind in her stomach and gave her some Chinese med for a week. In addition to taking the med,we also rub Ruyi oil for her before bed, avoid cold drinks and food, reduced her intake of raisins (doctor said it's heaty) and reduce aircon time during her sleep. Indeed we saw major improvement over the week. She has stopped waking up middle of the night crying and too early in the morning. Overall she sleeps better now. Will keep monitoring to see if this condition lasts.