Tools for Managing Multiple Facilities

Managing business has its own set of challenges, especially when managing multiple locations. I am a working mom and this is what we are experiencing right now in our company so we are continuously finding ways on how to improve our ways. While many organizations rely on custom-built software our company is looking for a tool that provides a centralized administrative console for managing multiple facilities. If such system exists please send me a message as to where we can get it or please respond in here. Thanks in advance.
haven't heard of a tool like that, if it's some kind of a program then maybe your IT department make one for your company. Have you tried googling it?


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What type of facilities do you need to manage?

If you could share the requirement it would be easier to recommend :)
Thanks. I am actually from the shipping industry representing port agents. We have offices all over Asia, the Americas while our head office is located in Europe. Our ROHQ is located in SG and we manage other branches across Asia.

What we actually need is a software that can be workable with the Asian offices focusing on the prompt and efficient submission of invoices and other related documentation. I was keen on getting a software focusing on enterprise scalability but available in SG. Any recommendation?