Travel tips to Seoul, Korea


travel to Seoul

Heloo. I trying looking at Ur blog but did not find any on Korea. Perhaps I missed it somehow. Can share on the baby changin rooms n. nursing rooms if there are In Korea? Are the subway child friendly n are we advisable to bring strollers to places like the train?
i have travelled to seoul, jeju in nov 2013. keen can pm me at for photos n info sharing. i go by tour so didnt take subway but the places even wet markets are baby friendly, have diaper changing station at the toilets! all tourist attract places have diaper changing stations and some more popular areas have nursing rooms. airport at incheon has nursing room n the room has nursing pillow as well for you to use!! so cool n good. generally korea is a fun place and baby friendly place as well. i would recommend this country baby friendly besides australia.


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Hi! Did you go to Korea during winter? I heard that Seoul can get quite cold during Nov-Jan period.
Wonder if there was any problems with the cold (especially with a young kid), and were there any effective clothes/products you used to keep your baby warm?