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Hi Mummies,

Year End we plan for going to Japan (Tokyo), but i was wondering it's safe now planning to Japan (due to the radiation) as i'm planning to have baby.

Appreciate if can help to get the advise from gynae.

Mummy Joyce
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I find this resource very useful - Japan Travel Update (As of 2 October) - JNTO Singapore Office

According to Japan tourism board:
Does a visit to Japan impede pregnancy or affect reproduction function?
No. Risks of permanent infertility must only be considered if a person is exposed to very high levels of radiation (3,500~6,000 mSv per year for testis, versus 2,500~6,000 mSv per year for ovaries). A person is unlikely to be exposed to the radiation level exceeding 20 mSv per year even if he/she spends an entire year in Japan, unless he/she enters the access-restricted areas mentioned above.


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i am currently pregnant and i asked gynae the same question. can i go japan for babymoon
well she did not give me direct yes or no .but told me until now her hubby refused to bring their 3 children to japan for holiday esp after the radiation issue
she said to them, short term wise you may not have any impact but no one can guarantee long term impact on children

given that japan governement recently give the go sign to re-start the nuclear plant in japan it is your call


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I am also planning to go there - Hokkaido! The further from Fukuoka... :) Consider that maybe?

Just booked my tickets! :001_302: