Tried storing urine for later test?

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by dwarfs8, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. dwarfs8

    dwarfs8 Member

    Hi was thinking of this...

    ok, this is kinda gross... i mostly pee and shit at the same time in the morning, it's really quite tough for me to collect my sample.

    So if i pee in the middle of the night (i slept at 11pm and pee like 3.30am/4.30am), and store the urine till i wake up at 6.30am, can it still be used for pregnancy test?
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  2. Dilys

    Dilys Active Member

    To be more effective, pee on the spot & test for better accuracy. U can drown ur thoart with 2 glasses of water... after awhile u will be able to pee.
  3. angelababi

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    hmm to be more accurate, pee and test on the spot in the morning you wake up ... thats how i do ... :)
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  4. xiaodaisy

    xiaodaisy Active Member

    why dont u just test at the 330am /430am ?

    if not u can wait for the next round of pee to test again , just drink more water will do

    there's no nid to store for few hrs de

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