Trying to conceive after BCP ?


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I apologies for the long winded story, but I'm trying to cut it short.

I was taking Mercilon since October 2015 and have always been punctual.
But recently i started missing the pills and have unprotected intercourse. Breakdown of timeline below.
* I fixed the time to take the pill @ 9.30pm every night, but most of the time, i took it within 2 hours of the time. Which means majority of the time, the pill could have been taken by 12am.

12th April - Started a new pack, took the pill.
13th April - Took the pill. * Have intercourse and finishes inside me *
14th April - Took the pill.
15th April - Miss the pill, was overseas and forget to bring it alone.
16th April - Miss the pill too, yet to be back to Singapore.
17th April - Experiencing some cramp on the left side of tummy. Took 2 pills @ around 6pm ++ when i reach home (Thinking it could cover back the dosage that i miss 2 days ago, tried to called Gynae, but most of them closed at 5-5.30pm.) Spotted some brown discharge at evening 9pm ++. Also forgotten to took the pill for the day.
18th April - Brown discharge spotted in the morning, like a few drops. And there was brown discharge in the afternoon too. Took 2 pills @ 9.30pm. (Assuming 1 could cover back the pill i missed yesterday.) Slight discharge at night. * Have intercourse midnight and finishes inside me *
19th April - Missed Pill.
20th April - Took 2 pills @ 7pm, 1 for current day and 1 for the day before.
21st April - Had quite an amount of discharge (Black blood) - Took the pill @ midnight 1.30am.
22nd April - Discharge stop, missed pill for current day. * Have intercourse and finishes inside me *
23rd April - Took the pill for the day before on 11am, missed pill for current day.
24th April - Took the pill for the day before on 11am, took current day pill on 12am. Spotting spotted. * Have intercourse and finishes inside me *
25th April - Missed Pill. Spotting spotted. * Have intercourse midnight and finishes inside me *
26th April - Took the pill for the day before on 5pm, miss pill for current day.
27th April - Missed Pill.
28th April - Took the pill for the previous 2 day at 10am, miss current day pill.

Heard that missing 2 birth control pills could increase the chances of pregnancy, just nice i had intercourse on 18th April which I've missed 2 days of birth control. Also, have been experiencing lower back pain, fatigue, spotting on 24th and 25th April (If count on the day of conception at 18th April, just nice 6 days later, could it be implantation bleeding ?), frequent urination, appetite increases. Didn't have morning sickness and sore boobs.

Thought it might be signs of pregnancy, took a HPT (The tests says can test after 7 days of intimacy, if counted from 18th April, it was already 10 days of intimacy.) yesterday morning, turn out negative. So, brush it off thinking it might be the symptoms that i missed the pills quite frequently this month.

Decided to stop grieving over it, and wait for the remaining pills to be finish (4 days left), and gonna start using ovulation kits (Brought Clearblue) after that. Didn't wanna stop the pill halfway as i heard that it could cause your ovaries to be sot plug.

Started on Blackmores conceive well gold the day before yesterday too. Since Watson's having 2nd buy at $1, stocked up 4 boxes. Anybody have any idea if the symptoms was due to the pill or it could be a chance that i am pregnant and i tested too early ? Based on LMP, it was already 3 weeks.