Trying To Conceive, let me help you! I experienced unconceive.

Dear couples and mums to be,

I read news and bumped into a few that they can't conceive at all.

I had experienced before and I DIY knowledge and I got my pregnancy on the 5th months.

Rest assured, there is no gimmicks, scams or cheaters. I don't do these harmful to human.
I respect human and I love to see mummy have a healthy baby and its a blessing. If you are feeling comfortable with me, contact me at
84844351 for more details.


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Please share the information here should there be no gimmicks or scam as you claimed.
I don't see why good things cannot be shared here in the forum and must get the member to contact via their personal number.


Anyone bought tongkat ali for your husband ?

it is also known as Malaysia Ginseng and help to boost male reproduction system
and energy.... cheers
i saw in another forum that tongkat ali sold in guardian. been looking out as trying for 2nd kid =)