Trying to get pregnant!

Patricia Teo

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Hi guys!

i'm 28 this year. Me and my husband having been trying for a baby for a year and there's still nothing! We tried various methods from different sex positions to TCM medications but to no avail. I had even bought those female fertility test kits, ovulation test kits from local pharmacies. All various method you name it, i have tried it. The doctor says there's nothing wrong with me and my husband's reproductive system.

Is there anyone who have had a similar experience? What should i do??

Megan Leow

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Hi Nancy,

i know how desperate you must have felt. I too had a similar experience trying to conceive, all different methods and going for countless doctor appointments. But i have came to realized it wasn't me who has fertile issues but my husband.

From what i am seeing, could it be that it's your husband who has fertile problems? Did he get checked??

I suggest you buy SPERM OK test kits from to check the fertility of your husband and track your ovulation cycle to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Hope it helps! Good Luck!

Ruby Yen

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Hi maybe you can try chicken essence for pregnancy plan that contains several herbs for nourishing your ovum. My hubby and I had tried ttcing for 2yrs, it's a hard path to get pregnant for me because I have uterine fibroid that cause my menses irregular and feel painful during period. I went to tcm for tiaoing period condition about half year and drank Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence (pregnancy plan) for 3 months and I get pregnant successfully! Now I'm 24w pregnant now and I think maybe you can also have a try. Good luck!