Tutor with >10 yrs experience specializing in a&e maths and lower secondary maths


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I wish all keen parents good luck as Lawrence's schedule is tight.
He teaches both genders n my friends are using his services for their kids/grand kids.


Lawrence is a NUS Graduate Full-Time Maths Tutor with > 10 yrs' experience in teaching A&E Maths and Lower Secondary Maths.
He uses CONCEPT-BASED approaches that even Normal Technical/Academic students are able to understand n apply to questions.
No rote learning n last minute cramming encouraged, so graduating students carry with them the strong mathematical foundation required for tertiary education in JCs, Polys n Universities.

Testimonials from A1-B3 grades' students (> half attained As) available upon request.

Group class in home next to AMK Hub (max 3 students/class).

Individual student tutoring is available to existing home locations:
Bishan/Novena/Hougang/Kovan/Punggol/Bedok/Tampines/Pasir Ris/Bukit Batok/Choa Chu Kang/Yew Tee
New home tutor location is subjected to available date/time slots.

Pls *SMS* Lawrence at 92705869 for availability or group class/home tutor rates.

Thank you.


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I also have recommendation for a Physics tutor, who is my gal friend's brother.
Plus, my male married neighbour is a good tutor who specializes in English for secondary school levels.

For those keen to use their services, pls email me at mei@outlook.sg.


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Yes references were checked from a few random students (from following) who graduated from tutor Lawrence's care:

Anderson Sec / Ang Mo Kio Sec
Anglo Chinese Sch Barker/Int'l
Bedok Green/North/South/View Sec
Bowen Sec / Bukit View Sec
Chung Cheng (Main) High
Dunman Sec
East Spring/View Sec
Evergreen Sec / FuHua Sec
Hai Sing Sec / Jurong Sec
Maris Stella High
Nan Hua Sec / North Vista Sec
Pei Hwa Sec / Pierce Sec
Presbyterian High / Punggol Sec
Raffles Institution
St. Anthony Canossian / St. Joseph's Institution / St. Margaret's Sec
ShuQun Sec / Sengkang Sec
Serangoon Sec / Siglap Sec / Springfield Sec
Tanjong Katong Girls'
Temasek Sec
Yio Chu Kang Sec / Yishun Town Sec
ZhongHua Sec

My list is not updated so there should be more students from current n recent past cohorts.

I hope the above has been useful info. :)


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I know that he is able to teach a class of 2-3 siblings at their home.
Best is to SMS Mr Lawrence at 92705869 for availability n rates.


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Hi Parents,

Thanks for your emails regarding enquiries on Lawrence's teaching methods.

I'm unable to advise any besides testimonial and the best is to SMS Mr Lawrence at 92705869 for his availability n rates.

Thank you,


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Hi Mei,

I was recommended by a member here to contact Lawrence. Her nephew was one of his ex-students who graduated with As in double Maths.
Her kid is in P6 next year but she is booking him for 2016.

I understand that Lawrence has group classes in Ang Mo Kio and he keeps his classes small to give more attention to each student during class.
As we are staying in Jurong, my son is considering travelling to AMK for Lawrence's classes as his school is around Braddell/Bishan area.
An alternative will be for Lawrence to go to my home to tutor my son.
Any idea if registration has closed? I received the SMS (below adv) from the MummySG member on 1 Nov 2014 but I did not contact Lawrence as I am just back after an overseas assignment a few days ago. Pls advise as I understand his yearly schedule is quite packed.


Lawrence is a Full-Time Maths Tutor with > 10 yrs' experience in using Concept-based Approaches to teach Secondary 1/2 and E&A Maths students.

Small classes will be conducted as well as individual tutoring at student's home.

Lesson slots for 2015 are now officially opened, subject to availability.

Pls *SMS* me or Lawrence at 92705869 for more info, students' testimonials etc.

Thank you,
Tuition Coordinator


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Hi Sally,

My neighbour's Sec2 daughter enquiried about his services a few days ago. Heard his weekday evenings' slots are mostly taken by his existing students who are having their O levels next year. But your son might be able to fit in his weekday afternoon schedule, since his school is 1-2 mrt stops from AMK station.
I understand he might be travelling soon during this school break, so my advice is drop him a SMS and he will get back to you soonest possible. Good luck!


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Thanks Mei, I have contacted Lawrence.
He is able to teach my son who had a discussion with him on his Sec1 topics.
He is keen to be tutored by Lawrence who understands my son's concerns on his weak areas and for his next year's Sec 2 Maths.
Lawrence's rates are reasonable too. Thanks again.


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Hi all,

Lawrence here. I'm the tutor mentioned. It's been a while since SmilingBaby started this thread. Many thanks to her.

And to others who have enquired and/or engaged my help.

Just a quick update.

I'm still doing tuition for secondary school kids.

The syllabus has changed, with more emphasis on concepts and application. 2016 A-Maths paper stretched the kids a little.

Which means: rote learning is not fully workable in exam papers, unlike the past. The old approach can only cater to about 70% of the paper.

We have our work cut out for us.

Still, life goes on. Tutors like us have to engage and encourage kids to pick up concepts and interest in the subjects. Than balk at the difficulty.

I look at the big picture, and hope that O levels is not a means to an end. Getting an A grade may not guarantee you doing well for Maths in A levels or in Poly.

I realised this after seeing many of my 2010/2011/2012 do badly in JC, despite faring well for Maths. Either they repeated J1, or had mediocre results for As.

That in mind, these few years I have changed my direction. I do not only cover formulas and working steps. The understanding behind it is crucial as well.

Everything else is the same. I still conduct small classes at my place in AMK (opp AMK HUB), and try to make time for external students (time permitting).

While I want to see as many students get As for these subjects, I realized it's even more important they can learn and understand them, to prepare them in good stead for the road ahead in Poly and JC. Then my mission is fulfilled.

As such, number of students taught have reduced over these 3 years. I do small groups (3 max), only if they can cope. And do 1-1 for the really weak ones.

And get the weak ones to overcome their negativity, on the subject, or maybe their teacher, or even their parents.

It's a tough job. But someone's gotta do it. Win/lose, it's the child's effort and willingness in the end that matters. I facilitate that journey.

Til this day, I'm still grateful to many parents who allow me to have a hand to shape their child's life. As they cross the hurdles, mostly grudgingly, initially :tlaugh:

Those who overcame them, are heroes to me. The best students are the ones that made the biggest jump, not the best grade.

If any of you, or your kids, wish to understand how Maths work at Sec level. And is open/keen to learning, just give me a call/SMS. I'd do my best to get you to the finishing mark. But be prepared to work very very hard, to turn things around.

I will come back in now and then for an update.

Meanwhile to all users in this forum, have a great holiday, and a fruitful and prosperous 2017. :)
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We are located near to Ang Mo Kio MRT (3 mins walk). Our students have fared well in their 2016 examinations. One of our Sec 2 Normal Academic student (St Margaret Secondary) has been promoted to take Sec 3 'O' level (Express) Mathematics. Another one of our sec 1 student (Zhong hua Secondary) has been promoted from Normal Academic stream to Express stream. Do consider us if your child needs help. :)

If you need more information, please visit our website at http://www.jqeducation.com or http://www.facebook.com/jqeducation. Thanks! :)