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Hi mummies,
I found out that in my husband phone there is a china girl message, calling my husband "哥哥" and asking my husband to leave a command. my husband didn't reply message.

do you think my husband has committed adultery? or its just a scam?

I'm very curious, because I saw like an advertisement message from sg888sg.com in his inbox too..
I guess you mean 'comment'?
I think is just spam ba. Sometimes I do have those weird messages sending to me as well.
But had to say, usually such site won't sent 'spam' message...
You may like to investigate further


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Not worry. Don't jump to conclusions. You're wasting your nerves on this message. I think this is scammers or regular spam I'm sure if you go and relax now, you'll realize that this is a stupid cause for concern. If you don't know how to relax, then listen to my recipe. Start your morning with a meditation session and take a bath with sea salts. If you don't have time for this, take soothing oils with each meal. They calm your nerves very quickly. When I found them on healthcanal.com without hesitation, I bought 3 pieces. This oils helped me many times.
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I often saw such messages in my husband's email, it's just spam, don't be offended by your husband) I remember how I started to be jealous of some young girl because I saw her words towards him in the mailbox, it upset me and made me anxious because I was no longer young and it seemed to me that my husband had stopped loving me. I then started sleeping restlessly and taking sedatives because I didn't know what was wrong with me or why another girl was texting my husband. Sometimes it got to such a point of paranoia that even a sedative did not help me, only cheap kratom, which I managed to buy once. It helped me calm down and find the strength to sort it all out. because I have already learned that this is unnecessary spam that comes to a lot of people
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