using nipple shield

dear bf experts,
due to flat nipples i have been using nipple shield to bf. very seldom i manage to latch on directly.
during confinement mth, my bb take 20min each breasts n finish a feed in 1hr incl burp. frm 6th week on, my letdown comes faster n he finish breast 1 in 5-10min. afterwhich he fusses n mayb cry, i change to breast 2. again he finishes in 5-10min he fusses.
when i look at d shield there is no more milk in d gap. but i still can squeeze out some milk n feel my breast 3/4 emptied. i feel tat he didnt suck for my 2nd letdown.
he's 7 weeks now.

i need advice...tia:(



We have the same problem, severe flat nipple. We tried many method, but found the use the breast pump to be the most effective. Use the pump to slowly suck out the nipple. The initial few days it may be painful but after a few weeks the nipple will be more willing to come out and stay for a longer time when you use the pump. We found nipple shield or the Philips niplette not as effective and may cause abrasion.

Then come 2 options, to pump awhile then let baby latch or to just collect into the bottle and feed. We chose the latter as it's easier to gauge the volume and less stress to both mom and baby. And the baby is not denied from the nutrients from the mom's milk.

Good luck.